Dave vs the Monsters – Emergence, David Hooper

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When an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico digs too deep, a torrent of nightmares is unleashed the creatures of legend, always thought to be figments of our imagination, are now a very real threat to the survival of humankind. Safety worker Dave Hooper has the hangover from hell, and the last thing he needs is an explosion on his oil rig. But this is no accident, and despite the news reports, terrorists aren’t to blame for the carnage. The rig is swarming with monsters. As he fights to save his co-workers from the ravenous demon horde while holding down last night’s tequila, Dave is suddenly transformed from a foul-mouthed, overweight, booze-soaked slacker into something else entirely. An honest-to-goddamn monster slayer.

Publisher: Titan Books, April 2015

Reviewer: Jim Murdoc

Dave vs The Monsters – Emergence. Review

Having read John Birmingham’s ‘Without Warning’ series and enjoying them at that, I did try to read Dave vs The Monsters with an open, non biased mind.

Where I found his earlier work portrayed hints of Tom Clancy, very detailed war-time writing. I was pretty much expecting a continuation. Many times I had to Google that I was reading from the same author and not two with the same name. It seems Mr Birmingham has had a ‘writing make-over’, Dave vs The Monsters is just as funny and light hearted as it’s title suggests. I believe I’ve found the Sci-fi/Thriller equivalent of Joe Hill, author of the very popular ‘Horns’. In both books the lead character awakes from a hangover and with that their entire worlds become a nightmare. Time and time again I was found reading with a smile from ear to ear. The main character ‘Dave’, is hardly likeable, the situation he is in is ridiculous and the entire plot is far-fetched. But. This book is brilliant.

I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who isn’t a fan of guts and gore as there are some very graphically written scenes inside. Dave Hooper’s character is a little rough around the edges who lives his life hard and drug induced, a lot of what he says and does could be very offensive to some. However if your tired of the same old girl meets vampire, falls in love kind of stories, it will be a guaranteed ‘dirty little secret’ of yours, a read that you really aren’t supposed to enjoy, but you will and you will pass it onto anyone that needs a lift in life. With two more in the series that I find myself dying to get my hands on this makes Dave vs The Monsters a sure winner.


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