Date night

A study by has revealed that almost half of all parents in the UK admit that having children is harder than they had originally thought, however, they insist they are just as happy as couples they know without children…

date night

When asked what they do to keep the romance blossoming, 36 percent of parents said they make sure they put a ‘date night’ in the diary, to take time out for themselves as a couple, away from their children. Parents with children aged five and under are more likely to organise date nights (40%), whereas, parents with children over five are more likely to spend an entire weekend away (22%)

‘Date nights’ are popular here within the Mojomums team, with most of us trying to arrange a special night out or in with our partners as regularly as possible.  Only a couple of us are lucky enough to have over-night babysitting available!

So how do you plan a ‘date night’ and what exactly does it involve?!

Do you head out for a wild night of drinking and flirting like you did when you first met?!  Is it a romantic meal a la deux at your favourite pre-child restaurant (you know, the one that doesn’t serve pasta or pizza and certainly doesn’t accept Tesco’s Clubcard vouchers!)? An evening at a cinema perhaps; a boutique cinema with a glass of wine and real actors not cartoon characters? Or do you do as I do oh-so-often and use the opportunity of a babysitter as an excuse to catch up with friends that we haven’t seen for the longest time – great fun, but hardly a romantic night out…

My husband and I often talk about planning a ‘date night’, but our good intentions are not always carried out for all number of reasons:

  • lack of offering babysitters – I feel guilty asking my parents too often and siblings have their own families to look after now
  • tiredness – why do my children insist on waking by 6am?! No wonder I’m in bed by 9.30pm!
  • lack of funds – there’s always something else that seems to need paying for first

I know these sound like excuses!  I do enjoy spending time with my husband, honestly, but so often general life gets in the way!  What with school runs, work, finding time for exercise let alone housework, cooking and shopping – is it any wonder that our romantic relationships are under strain?

Other trends and tips that couples are using to keep the spark in their relationship are:

  • Trying not to nag (42%)
  • Saying ‘I love you’ once a day (42%)
  • Regular Sex (36%)

Hmm,  I’ll hand that one over to you Mojomums…!!!


If you have a ‘date night’ story that you’d like to share, be it a recommended restaurant or a funny memory, we would love to hear from you – post your comments below…

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