Counting The Ways, Jude Hayland

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0Grace Barnes, living in her subterranean one-room flat at the nether end of Earl’s Court, feels out of tune with striving, self-seeking 1980’s London. Meeting Archie Copeland, she is gratified to have found a man who shares her obsession for reading and seems more fascinated by Shelley than shifting share prices. In Oxford, Hester, Grace’s mother, considers her estranged marriage to Fergus, who left her thirty years before to go and live on a remote Welsh hillside. His subsequent appearance at Grace and Archie’s quiet wedding is a surprise and she finds it hard to quantify her feelings about him. Soon, Grace is troubled by a distance in Archie.  A spontaneous holiday on the Mediterranean island of Kronos provides a respite for them both and they begin to consider a permanent move away, but then Archie suddenly disappears. In the wake of this, Grace uncovers a trail of debts and increasing evidence of his duplicity. Remaining on Kronos, finding a job and friendship, Grace determines to find Archie…

Publisher: Matador, Feb 2017

This is a wonderful story of true love. Two women who still loved and believed in their husbands who in turn found it difficult to face reality. The mother Hester who had raised her daughter Grace alone and yet still hoped to get her husband.  Fergus who comes back even after 30 years. Grace who still loved her husband Archie, even though he kept so much from her and then disappeared for a year. In the end, love conquers all as they say.

The Author Jude Hayland.  A very good storyteller. I enjoyed this book very much.  She describes the characters and locations so well you wish you  could be there with them.

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2 Responses to Counting The Ways, Jude Hayland

  1. Alison Mackie says:

    An excellent read, full of surprises and explanations and some interesting characters with hidden secrets and complicated pasts. Sets the reader thinking – a great Book Group choice

  2. CRandall says:

    I found this a thought-provoking book with many strands that kept me guessing right to the end! It would make a great reading group choice as there is a lot to discuss. Highly recommended!

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