Club Cala Romani, Majorca

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Sometimes a holiday does not quite live up to your expectations…

Mojomum reader Marina & her family recently visited Club Cala Romani in Majorca for a ‘cheap & cheerful’ family break.  The hotel description reads well;

“The Club Cala Romani, located in Calas de Majorca & renovated in 2002, consists of three buildings divided into apartments & rooms.  In our all inclusive hotel you will not have to worry about anything that is not related to entertainment; fun is a prerequisite in the Club Cala Romani.  The hotel is ideal for family holidays due to its proximity to the beach.   In addition our apartments have three swimming pools, terraces, gardens & parks designed for the entertainment of children as well as adults”

Trip Advisor reviews include “loved it”, “lovely holiday” & “we got everything we asked for”…

Here is Marina’s personal review on the holiday & why she feels All Inclusive may not be the way to go again…

“Having returned from a family holiday at Club Cala Romani in Callas De Mallorca, I am left wondering if I am a snob or ungrateful or probably a combination of both?   Or maybe it isn’t wrong of me to expect more from our family holidays? We are all different in our expectations & what we find enjoyable

My mother in law was really kind enough to book us a family holiday at the end of May & being a bit of a control freak, I was a tad worried by the fact that she booked it by recommendation of Ola Holidays (who sell this holiday in high quantities & told her it was ‘amazing’).  However, I hadn’t paid for it or booked it so remained relaxed, feeling blessed we got taken on holiday

All Inclusive Hotel Majorca |  Majorca Apartments |  Majorca | Hotel Pool

“It was a cheap budget holiday & so you do pretty much get what you pay for but it just wasn’t our thing, & I personally do feel that we could have still got better for the money”

First of all the transfer time to the resort is very long & by the time has dropped everyone off (at lots of lovely hotels!)we had been on the coach for almost three hours!  The only saving grace being that it was middle of the night & so the children slept but coming back wasn’t the same story, with both children complaining they were going to be sick!

We arrived at Club Cala Romani & there was a really lovely man covering reception who welcomed us & gave us our keys.  We had asked for adjoining rooms as each room slept 3, so one of my daughters was going in a room with my mother in law.  We were given adjoining rooms but the entrance to both rooms is one main door & then two internal doors meaning there was no way I could let my daughter sleep in another room as she couldn’t get to our room easily in the night if she needed us & my mother in law is not very able bodied & we can’t leave her with that responsibility

So, we ended up with the 4 of us in the one room, with 3 of us in the twin beds – my first impression of the room was it felt quite bleak & I felt like I had walked into a hostel

The weather in Majorca wasn’t nice when we arrived & the room was really cold with only a thin cotton sheet to cover you, so I spent the night wide awake shivering.  If you wanted additional linen you had to pay for it

The beds were really uncomfortable & both me & my husband could barely move after a few days, but I did make use of the hotel massage which was really lovely & helped my aches!

In addition, the walls of this hotel are extremely thin & you can hear all the noise coming from hallway & all the rooms around you, plus our room was at the front of the building meaning that there was a constant noise of arriving & departing coaches the whole night

They have a really nice little park onsite & the beach is only a short 10 minute walk away.  The pools are very nice but sadly as the weather wasn’t great my kids weren’t in them as much as they normally would be on a holiday, otherwise I think they would have been super happy.  However, the pool only had 1 lifeguard on duty & if he wasn’t there due to going on a break then there was nobody, plus he spent time from about 5pm tidying up the sunbed’s & so wasn’t able to ‘lifeguard. As a result I was a lot more tense than I usually am & literally wouldn’t take my eyes off either children for a moment

 Hotel Calas Majorca | All Inclusive Hotel Majorca |  Majorca | Calas de Majorca

The food was, in our opinion, awful, but as I said this is a budget holiday so you are getting what you pay for & some people seemed happy with it, but I like to go on holiday & have a bit of variety with my food – I like to feel like I am in another country but I felt I would have got better food in a school canteen!  The restaurant was like a cattle market, with people queuing to get in, you had to find your own tables & we were often walking around for 5-10 minutes trying to find a table that seated the 5 of us, whilst people of fewer numbers took up those tables meaning we often had to sit separately

“I think next time we would prefer to try a self catering holiday, in a nice town where we can explore & eat in different places experiencing the local cuisine”

The entertainment we thought was poor & certainly didn’t capture our children’s attention, which has never happened before, they were happier running around outside!  Between 8-10pm (I think) there is a kids disco which plays music that isn’t really anything my kids would know or want to dance to, & in addition from 9pm children are not allowed on the dance floor without an adult!

 Majorca Apartments |  Hotel Calas Majorca |  Majorca | Night Fun in the Hotel

There was a kids club at a couple of times in the day, but again  it was pretty poor & nothing that captured my kids attention.  The day before we left we found out there was a room my 5 year old could have gone into for activities but there was nothing in the hotel information advising us of this

As already mentioned, this is a budget holiday & you get what you pay for.  I have to be honest & say I would probably rather not go on holiday at all, than go on a holiday that’s cheap & isn’t our thing!  I have realised that unless I am paying top dollar I really don’t think that all inclusive is right for our family !

I think next time we would prefer to try a self catering holiday, in a nice town where we can explore & eat in different places experiencing the local cuisine,  having a few nice drinks in the evening, in a nice glass rather than watered down drinks in a plastic cup!”

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