Christmas Beauty and Party Ready

Christmas is coming…..

Forget buying pressies & ordering the turkey, these days the real Christmas preparation is more about ‘looking good’ than ‘goodwill to all men’!

According to research commissioned by leading wine style drinks brand, Lambrini, an astonishing one in 20 of us will start getting party-ready at least a month before the big day!


Looking good in your party frock is a must and as a result, a quarter of all those with a ‘do’ to go to have already embarked on a new exercise regime and almost two thirds trying on three outfits before they decide what to wear.

lambrini bodyguard app

The research comes as Lambrini has its own revolutionary Bodyguard app designed to help women & their friends stay safe during a night out. The free to download service, which works with android & iPhone devices, pulls in real-time data from public transport so users can plan their journeys ahead, while a  ‘Get Me home’ tool uses the GPS functionality on users’ handsets to locate the nearest form of transport, including a taxi booking service.  It will also keep friends informed of individuals’ whereabouts when they’ve left the party by sending an SMS text or Facebook post to friends’ walls, notifying them when the user has arrived home safely.


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