Christmas already?

Usually I have started Christmas shopping by now, this is for several good reasons:

Firstly it spreads the cost so my December pay packet isn’t spent before I get it and we are eating bread and jam all January!

Secondly I love a bargain, so why do all your shopping at the same time when you can get a bargain throughout the year. If you see something on special why would you not buy it sooner?

Thirdly I hate the shops when they are packed and weekends and late night shopping in December are packed!

Fourthly I have some difficult people to buy for so finding little stocking fillers along the way means I hopefully don’t have to panic buy useless items at the last minute!

This year however we had a late holiday, building work and just generally life has got in the way. So despite it only being 29th September I am beginning to feel a little bit panicked! I have booked my weekend away Christmas shopping in Manchester, where mum and I do a day in the Trafford Centre, stay overnight and then hop over to Elsmere Port and shop the designer outlets. This is an annual tradition now and breaks the back of the shopping especially for the grown-ups. But as for the girls I usually have an idea of what I will get as a main present and have already got enough bits to fill a stocking – or two (what can I say I love Christmas and shopping!)

This year I have a dressing up dress and a book for Jess and a book, a DVD and Pocahontas dressing up outfit for Bethany, a top for my dad and a road atlas for my husband! That’s it, that is all the shopping I have actually done and I haven’t even started my lists of who to buy for and what to buy! Let alone getting the chocolates and bits for the house. Now to all you last minute shoppers you will be thinking – this woman has lost the plot, which is in truth a fairly common expression said in our household!!!! But Christmas is my time to shine and without preparation I worry it will be left flat. So usually I buy enough presents to fill our living room for the girls and family. I love the magic of Christmas morning and seeing their little faces light up! I buy enough food to feed my family – and a small country just in case anyone else pops in! I decorate the house including the girl’s bedrooms and I buy presents for all my friends and their children! Yes in truth I go completely mad, but I can’t seem to help myself whenever I think I will cut back I seem to end up buying more!

So what does this mean for this year? As I am not super organised will everyone have less, will I miss people off? Oh the stress of it all! I can feel a spreadsheet brewing to get myself organised and start getting myself organised! I can feel a trip to the toy stores and TK Maxx on the cards this weekend to see if I can grab a bargain or two!


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