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Did your childhood career dreams and aspirations come true?  Or did you venture along a different career path and look back fondly on your often bold and sometimes naive hopes and dreams?  When Mojomums heard about recent findings from a John Lewis Home Insurance survey, it got us thinking about our childhood career hopes…

Did you dream of becoming a doctor or nurse?

Did you dream of becoming a doctor or nurse?

According to the research of 500 6-12 year-olds, it was found they mostly dream of being teachers (14%), vets (13%) or doctors (11%).

When I think back to my younger school days, I have to say I agree – a teacher was a career choice that I had in mind, possibly because I thoroughly enjoyed my school days and was lucky to be taught by many inspirational and caring teachers; role models that I looked up to at an early age.

When I talk to my children about going to work and ask them what they would like to do when they grow up, the answers inevitably vary, often depending on what toy they are playing with at the time!  Train driver, superhero and crocodile zoo-keeper are current favourites!

The findings also showed that 5% of children wish to become an astronaut, with 5% of young people wanting to become musicians and 4% aiming to be a chef.

Some more unusual ideas about the ideal future career from today’s youngsters include ice cream man, doughnut shop worker, working in a museum with dinosaurs, toy designer and super-hero (see, I don’t have the only superhero in the house!).

Adults also had some interesting ambitions when they thought back to what they wanted to be while growing up, with fairy, stuntman, volcanologist and elephant trainer all making the list. One respondent even had their eyes on Judith Chalmers’ job as presenter of ‘Wish You Were Here’ – yes, that might have been me that they asked! During my later school years I even researched into how to make this dream come true!

Adults most likely to achieve their childhood dreams were IT technicians, with 68% achieving this goal. Engineers (37%), accountants (36%), nurses (23%) and teachers (23%) complete the top five.

So how can we nurture our childrens career goals and dreams?  I’m sure that every parent out there will agree we want our children to be happy with the career and job they choose, however we all know that sometimes life isn’t that simple; career aspirations do sometimes depend on luck as well as skill.  Over to you Mojomums, for those of you with older children, how have you helped them through the minefield that is A Level options and University choices?  And for those Mojomums with children soon to choose their GCSE options, are you going to help and lead your child make their choices or are you planning to leave it up to them?  We would love to hear from you below…


Top 10 jobs that children want to do when they grow up:

Job Percentage of children
Teacher 13.8%
Vet 12.8%


Police Officer 9.7%
Scientist 8.5%
Fireman 7.3%
Pilot 7.3%
Artist 6.7%
Engineer 6.7%
Nurse 6.7%




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