Chessington World of Adventures Review

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Date of review: Saturday 3rd August 2013

Reviewee: Amanda

Attended with (include ages of children if applicable):

Husband and Daughter – Bethany (2)


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 9/10

What did you enjoy most about the day?

Watching Bethany enjoy herself and get so excited by all the animals. She loved the sky ride.

What did your kids enjoy most about the day?

The zoo part of Chessington. Bethany loved the lions, gorillas, sealife centre and sealion show as well as the children’s petting zoo. Closely followed by the Madagascar show, she loved that!

What didn’t you or your kids enjoy?

The queues! I know it is a weekend and school holidays so we weren’t going to walk onto everything but there aren’t many things Bethany can go on, and those she can she doesn’t understand queuing!

 If you could make one suggestion to the attraction to enhance your experience what would it be?

Make the animals on the Zufari ride available for all of us to see, as Bethany was under 1.1m she couldn’t go on the ride, which meant she couldn’t see all the animals.

Would you go back on another day or when the kids were older?

Absolutely we will go back often, there is lots to do there for all ages.

Was there enough to do for a whole day, or is it more of a morning or afternoon event?

Definitely enough for a whole day out.

Are there things to do and see both indoor and outdoor or is this a weather dependent attraction?

Most of the attractions are outside, so it is better in the nice weather.

Any other comments that you would like to share?

We took a picnic as did a lot of families, they have lots of food outlets, but they can be quite expensive.


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 9/10

Have you been given all the information that you needed for the day including maps and programme of events or is there anything else that you would have like to receive?

The map is great for finding your way, however, working out height restrictions isn’t always easy!

Do you have to queue for long to get in, and was there anything to keep the kids amused whilst you are queuing?

There were queues to buy tickets, however we already had ours so we walked straight in.

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Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 9/10

Is the attraction easy to find/well signposted around local area?

Yes easy to find and easy to park.

Is the attraction easy to navigate around once you are inside?

The map is very useful and each of the “lands” are signposted throughout the park.

 Is there room to easily wheel a buggy (single, double or triple around)?

Lots of space for the buggy.

 In your opinion is the attraction suitable for children of different ages regardless of the age restrictions advised by the attraction itself

There is lots for all ages, including adults. There are rides for all ages and the zoo is great, with shows and talks.

What is there for 0-2 year olds?

The animals

What is there for 3 – 6 year olds?

Animals and rides

What is there for 6- 12 year olds?

Rides and animals

What additional costs are they when you are in the attraction?

There are sideshows to win teddies and also lots of shops and food and drink places, and photos to buy from the rides.

What day of the week are you visiting the attraction?


Do you find the volume of people at the attraction acceptable (i.e. to busy, empty, comfortable) and what is busiest time of the day?

It was busy, but it was a weekend during the summer holidays. It felt busy but not packed. We didn’t go on the big rides, but I imagine the queue times for these were quite high.

What is the average price range for items in the gift/souvenir shop?

Completely varied, from named pens to medals to t-shirts and teddy bears. There was lots to buy, however I felt the prices weren’t too bad, small animal teddies started from £4.50.


Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 8/10

 Were the toilets clean? Yes

 Were there separate baby changing facilities? If so, were they clean and user friendly (e.g. sufficient space for buggies) Yes.

Were the toilets well located to the main attractions? Yes



Overall mark out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 the best): 7/10

Would you recommend the restaurant/refreshment facilities? What was there to eat for you and the kids?  

We took a picninc this time, so we only had ice-cream from the shop. We have eaten in the burger restaurant before however it used to be Burger King, but is now Chessington’s own burger place and doesn’t offer a big selection, and I feel is quite expensive for what you get.

 Was the food reasonable priced? What did you and the kids end up eating there?

The Ice creams were reasonably priced.

 Can you feed the baby there and are there facilities to heat baby food (e.g. microwave and bottle warmer)?

I didn’t use these, however there are facilities to do this there is a medical centre which also has microwaves etc, plus you can ask in the restaurants.

Is there a picnic area (indoors/outdoors)?

There are lots of outdoor picnic areas.

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