Chasing the Dawn, James Flynn

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Teramo, Italy; A world renown physicist goes missing from the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. He is responsible for heading up a cutting edge experiment known as OPERA, a joint venture with CERN that is shrouded in mystery. The authorities are met with nothing but silence.

Luke Temple does not officially exist, he works for a covert intelligence organisation known only as Group 9. He is despatched to Italy to carry out a routine operation; investigate the sudden disappearance of Professor Ernesto Vittorio. The operation appears standard, an easy task for a man of Temple’s ability. But in the dark world he inhabits nothing is ever as it seems, and he soon discovers that the disappearance of the professor is part of a much darker threat.

This time Temple will need every bit of strength and skill he possesses to stop a threat so powerful it could alter the entire world as we know it….

Reviewer: Nadine Matheson

The character of Luke Temple will already be familiar to those who read The Shadow of Medea as an agent of the Group 9, a covert intelligence group. Temple is a man whose sole motivation is to complete the mission – by using brains and brawn (actually to be more blunt: brutal, gratuitous violence). In Chasing the Dawn, Luke Temple’s assignment is to travel to Italy and to investigate the disappearance of the eminent physicist, Professor Ernesto Vittorio. However, like all good thrillers, all is not what it seems as Luke Temple’s mission throws him into a web of corruption amongst not only the scientific community but also within the North Korean and Iranian government.

Joining Luke Temple in this adventure is Chung-Su North Korean scientist who unbeknown to Temple is on her own secret mission, but it soon becomes clear that she is not prepared and unaware of what exactly she’s become involved in and that her presence in Italy will have dangerous consequences.

Chasing the Dawn has your classic thriller themes of corruption, anticipation, plot twists, cliff hangers and without giving too much away, a shocking ending. James Flynn has written a fun, high octane, and at times brutal, thriller. His characterisation and descriptions are so rich, that you will have no difficulty in imagining the almost film like scenes in your head. If you enjoy the characters of Jack Reacher and even James Bond, then you should find Chasing the Dawn an entertaining read.

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