Centurio Outdoor Training Equipment

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If you think cross between the monkey bars at your local playground and the gym equipment in your primary school you won’t be far off. Though don’t be fooled, the Centurio is a serious piece of kit that will not only allow you to relive your youth but will also give you a full body workout of ‘Centurio’ proportions if you wish (see the video on their site).


In short, the Centurio is a large piece of exercise equipment for your garden that can be used by all ages. It has been designed to allow you to exercise your whole body through 100’s of exercises. A new concept in exercise that takes the principal of children’s play coupled with the outdoors and a year round piece of equipment for those that are up for the challenge.




You can choose the size and scale of the equipment, include a surround and have a custom piece made if you need to.




The Centurio was developed to give everyone from older children through to mature adults an outdoor equivalent to training in a typical gym environment.  When we are children we do a range of fun activities that use the muscles of the whole body all together improving strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence.

The Centurio was designed to bridge the gap between childs play and adults play


For some reason there seems to be a point where this all round, and fun form of exercise, gets forgotten and is replaced by the very sterile and linear form of exercising that takes place in most indoor gym environments.

The Centurio was designed to bridge this gap between childs play and adults play whilst bringing all of the benefits listed below…

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1-     Nearly all Centurio exercises use the muscles of the whole body together

2-     A lot of the Centurio exercises are demanding of the associated with the muscles being trained, not just the muscle itself, leading to a much more complete level of strength and fitness

3-     The Centurio is a piece of equipment that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family to develop an enduring form of fitness that has many functional parallels in an active life and can take

you from child all the way through adulthood in a balanced healthy state

4-     The Centurio is all about getting people out of stuffy gyms and enjoying breathing in fresh air and being surrounded by the natural elements of Sun, Wind, Rain and even Snow.

5-     Training with the Centurio is all about having fun trying new tricks and exercises and also allowing you to use your imagination creating your own exercises as the equipment is so versatile.

6-     The Centurio DVD will show you 100 of the possible exercises that you can do but the potential number is a lot higher with your imagination being the only limiting factor





Anything that makes exercise fun is a good thing! we love the fact that you can use this in your garden with your family and you are not restricted to going to a gym and being inside.

I often think when I watch my children that they get the best exercise from just playing and they do use their whole bodies. When I go to the gym (which isn’t often) I get really bored and often just end up working on one part of my body a visit, so all over exercise is a plus point to this.

My kids would love this as much as me and I can see the benefit for the whole family.

A days ‘Centurio’ bootcamp for women would be fab and I think we would be queuing to see the benefits of a true all over workout!




Having used the Centurio for some time, and having previously used just about every strength and conditioning training aid available, I can honestly say nothing else results in a greater and more natural gain in dynamic strength and conditioning, the reason for this is multifaceted; the centurio works your body in a compounded, natural and dynamic way, but as important is the fact its fun and provides tangible improvement – Neil Russell, British Rower


You can find out more and get in touch via their website, either click on the picture above or go to www.centurio-training.com


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