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gi brides, duncan barrett, nuala calvi

GI Brides, Duncan Barrett, Nuala Calvi
The ‘friendly invasion’ of Britain by over a million American G.I.s caused a sensation amongst a generation of young women ...

always in my heart, ellie dean

Always in My Heart, Ellie Dean
As the Japanese begin their assault on Singapore, Sarah Fuller is forced to leave her parents and fiancé, Philip, behind. The ...

the criminal conversation of mrs norton, diane atkinson

The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton, Diane Atkinson
Caroline Norton, born in 1808, was a society beauty, poet and pamphleteer. Her good looks and wit attracted many male admirers, ...

isobella’s last request, laura lawrence

Isobella's Last Request, Laura Lawrence
"It’s been two weeks Isabella. How can you love him? This is going to be another Stuart again.’ I actually feel like I’ve ...

i came to say goodbye, caroline overington

I Came to Say Goodbye, Caroline Overington
I Came to Say Goodbye is a moving tale about family, mental health and the fragility of life. It tackles difficult issues and ...

kids new releases and bestselling books for october

Kids New Releases and Bestselling Books for October
Your little darlings are now back at School and as the nights draw in, what's better for them then a good book to spark their ...