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Book Club

a sweet adventure: to share!

A Sweet Adventure: To Share!
A Sweet Adventure: To Share!  By Tara Cresswell Reviewed by Mojomums Kelly & her (nearly) 3 year old twins What ...

behind closed doors, kerry wilkinson

Behind Closed Doors, Kerry Wilkinson
Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months, isolated away from friends and colleagues. She may have ...

zein, the prophecy, graham j wood

Zein, The Prophecy, Graham J Wood
On Earth, an inexplicable change is occurring in young Tyson Mountford,  as an ancient power awakens within his body. In ...

the catch, tom bale

The Catch, Tom Bale
How far do you go for a friendship?That's the question Daniel Wade is forced to ask when a simple favour has fatal ...

after the storm, margaret graham

After the Storm, Margaret Graham
A captivating and heartwarming story of love and loss in a time of war and its aftermath. Previously published as Only ...

mums on strike, laura kemp

Mums on Strike, Laura Kemp
It was just a squashed grape on the kitchen floor. Hardly a reason to get upset, right? But six years of motherhood has left ...