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Book Club

jacqueline wilson exhibition at the v&a museum of childhood

Jacqueline Wilson exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood
Jacqueline Wilson has written nearly 100 books and is dearly loved by millions of fans all over the world. Over 35 million ...

annabel’s family cookbook – annabel karmel

Annabel’s Family Cookbook – Annabel Karmel
Bestselling children's cookery writer and mum of three, Annabel knows how tricky it can be to find food the whole family can ...

a loving family, dilly court

A Loving Family, Dilly Court
Eleven-year-old Stella Barry is forced into service when her family find themselves living hand-to-mouth. Leaving her mother ...

fortunate street, jane butler

Fortunate Street, Jane Butler
Victoria Conway is out walking when she comes across a home for elderly ladies and decides to fill her empty days by ...

still waters, katie flynn

Still Waters, Katie Flynn
An irresistible love story set around the airfields of Norfolk during World War Two from the bestselling Katie Flynn ...

the root of all evil, ronald kenyon

The Root of all Evil, Ronald Kenyon
The Root of all Evil is a dark thriller that will leave readers feeling highly unsettled and unnerved. When Della Reynolds' ...