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Book Club

review of absent by emma salisbury

Review of Absent by Emma Salisbury
Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Lynn What they say: When he stopped a serial killer in his tracks earlier in the year he ...

review of the day of the orphan by dr nat tanoh

Review of The Day of the Orphan by Dr Nat Tanoh
Reviewed by: Mojomums Samantha What they say: Like many eighteen-year-old boys, Saga’s prime concerns are: listening to ...

review of she’s back – your guide to returning to work by lisa unwin and deb khan

Review of She's Back - Your Guide to Returning to Work by Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan
Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Claire What they say: Women's careers twist and turn. Women step back or step away for so ...

review of brighter futures: a parents’ guide to raising happy, confident children in the primary school years

Review of Brighter Futures: A Parents' Guide To Raising Happy, Confident Children In The Primary School Years
Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Charlotte What they say: Brighter Futures has been written by a team of clinical ...

review of the kindness of strangers by julie newman

Review of The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Newman
Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Julie What they say:  Widow Helen is desperate for a perfect family life, and will do ...

review of the story collector by evie gaughan

Review of The Story Collector by Evie Gaughan
Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Dinija What they say: A beautiful and mysterious historical romance from the author of The ...