Work From Home
Work From Home

returning to work

Returning to work following having a baby can be the toughest thing, with mixed emotions of guilt for leaving the baby, dread of ...

how to get a grip on guilt

How to Get a Grip on Guilt
Mum of two Jessica Chivers is a maternity comeback coach and author. Here she explains how to get a handle on the guilt so many ...

how to set up an online shop

How to set up an online shop
Sue Aitken is the founder of Boutique Provencale; a website that brings the best of Provence direct to your door. Specialising in ...

how to get published

How to get published
They say everybody has a book inside them, just waiting to burst out. I utterly agree. Writing a book is a common dream for most ...

could you share an inbox?

Job share: Victoria and Julia
I’m Julia. I'm half a job-share. My other half is Victoria. Together we do one job. We both work three days a week and are both ...

help! what should i do when both my kids go to school?

Help! What should I do when both my kids go to school?
Lots of women feel the need for a change of career once they’ve had children, and many of them start working from their own ...
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