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  • Profile of a Working Mum
    Profile of a Working Mum

    jennifer bailey, ceo of specialist shoe company calla ltd

    Jennifer Bailey, CEO of specialist shoe company Calla Ltd
    Name:  Jennifer Bailey Age:  39 Number of children:  2 girls - aged 2 and 4. Job title:  CEO Calla ...

    armelle molinier, owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday les clos des coustoulins

    Armelle Molinier, Owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday Les Clos des Coustoulins
    Name: Armelle Molinier Age: 46 Number of children: 3 Job title: Owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday Les Clos des ...

    gill hayward, co-founder of yuuworld

    Gill Hayward, Co-Founder of YUUworld
    Name:  Gill Hayward Age:  46 Number of children:  2 boys, aged 12 and 14 Job title:  Co-Founder of ...

    amy sheppard, author of the savvy shoppers cookbook

    Amy Sheppard, author of The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook
    Name: Amy Sheppard Age: 37 Number of children: Two boys Job title: Food Writer Duties: I spend most of my day ...

    nadine mellor, kids collection editor of i-escape.com

    Nadine Mellor, Kids Collection Editor of i-escape.com
    Name:  Nadine Mellor Age:  51 Number of children:  2 Job title:  Kids Collection Editor for boutique hotel ...

    profile of a working mum: cynthia crossley, co-founder of habyts

    Profile of a Working Mum: Cynthia Crossley, Co-Founder of Habyts
    Name:  Cynthia Crossley Age:  48 Number of children:  3 Job title:  Co-Founder of Habyts,  www.habyts.com, ...
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