Going Back To Work
Going Back To Work

diane bartholomew, founder and owner of shopetino.com

Diane Bartholomew, Founder and Owner of shopetino.com
Name: Diane Bartholomew Age: 40...shhh (in my head I’m still 21) Number of children: 1 Toddler Job title: Founder ...

karen cureton, director cureton consulting

Karen Cureton, Director Cureton Consulting
Name:  Karen Cureton Age:  54 eek! Number of children:  1 Job title:  Chief Socialite Duties: Social Media ...

temi alanamu, co-founder of whatsinit?

Temi Alanamu, Co-founder of Whatsinit?
Name:  Temi Alanamu Age:  32 Number of children:  1 Job title:  Co-founder of Whatsinit? a food ingredients and ...

jennifer bailey, ceo of specialist shoe company calla ltd

Jennifer Bailey, CEO of specialist shoe company Calla Ltd
Name:  Jennifer Bailey Age:  39 Number of children:  2 girls - aged 2 and 4. Job title:  CEO Calla ...

armelle molinier, owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday les clos des coustoulins

Armelle Molinier, Owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday Les Clos des Coustoulins
Name: Armelle Molinier Age: 46 Number of children: 3 Job title: Owner of luxury all-inclusive holiday Les Clos des ...

gill hayward, co-founder of yuuworld

Gill Hayward, Co-Founder of YUUworld
Name:  Gill Hayward Age:  46 Number of children:  2 boys, aged 12 and 14 Job title:  Co-Founder of ...
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