Going Back To Work
Going Back To Work

top time management tips for working mums

Top Time Management Tips for Working Mums
Struggling with time management is a common issue, but if you’re a working mum, spare time can be even more elusive. Women are ...

why is your staff turnover so high — and what can you do about it?

Why is your staff turnover so high — and what can you do about it?
Sometimes, good employees leave. It’s a normal part of running a business, and usually, it’s for the best. People you respect ...

young brits are snubbing traditional jobs

Young Brits are snubbing traditional jobs
A nationwide study into the career aspirations of modern Brits has revealed the extent to which many traditional or practical ...

work demands promote weight gain in women

Work Demands Promote Weight Gain In Women
Us women, often feel like we’ve drawn the short straw, from periods to the menopause – But now, new research has revealed ...

shelley, founder of a little bit dotty

Shelley, founder of A Little Bit Dotty
Name:  Shelley Age:  43 Number of children:  I have two boys who will be 5 & 3 in April and May this ...

carly taylor, co-founder of real handful

Carly Taylor, Co-Founder of Real Handful
Name:  Carly Taylor Age:  37 Number of children:  3 Boys (Milo 7, Dexter 5 and Louis 2) Job title:  Co-Founder Real ...
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