exam survival tips

Exam Survival Tips
One of the biggest challenges facing students is how to prepare for exams. The idea of locking yourself in a room for ...

11+ mock exam practice

11+ mock exams
If you live in an area where children have to prepare for and take the 11+ exams for secondary schools, you'll be aware that the ...

top tips to win your secondary school appeal

Top Tips To Win Your Secondary School Appeal
In March every year, hundreds of thousands of parents across England and Wales will have discovered the school that they have ...

national school lottery/allocation day – did you get your first choice?

National School Lottery/Allocation Day - Did you get your first choice?
At this time of year, there is the usual furore amongst parents of year 6 children who have been upset by the decision of which ...

what is the 11 plus exam?

  Secondary school selection (The eleven plus test. 11+) The Eleven plus test is a test given to pupils in their last year of ...
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