Kids' Activities
Kids' Activities

top 10 outdoor water attractions

Top 10 Outdoor Water Attractions
The heat is on!  If you are looking for a watery way to cool down this summer here are Mojomums Top 10 water parks, lidos and ...

review zsl whipsnade

Review ZSL Whipsnade
Attraction:  ZSL Whipsnade Date of review: ZSL members – so regular visits! Reviewee:  Amanda, John, Bethany 4 and ...

review of mcc cricket academy at lords

Review of MCC Cricket Academy at Lords
Reviewed by:  Mojomums Imtiaz and her son Zakariya aged 8 What they say:  The MCC Cricket Academy offers a range of ...

inamo sushi making for kids

Inamo Sushi Making for Kids
Reviewed by: Jo and daughter Olivia (aged 10) What they say:  TRAIN YOUR NIGIRI NINJAS We're opening Inamo’s ...

review of the chiltern open air museum

Reviewed by:  Mojomums follower Hannah and her family   What they say:  A beautiful open air museum with an ...

save the children, den day 2015

Save the Children, Den Day 2015
Building a den as a child was one of my favourite things to do; whether inside using our duvet covers or our in the garden using ...
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