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iced snowballs

Iced Snowballs
A great idea for Christmas ...

chocoholic’s christmas pudding

Chocoholic's Christmas pudding
A chocoholic's dream - chocolate mousse,chocolate sponge, covered with more ...

roly poly mince pies

Roly Poly Mince Pies
These are really easy to make and look like danish pastries so it is a nice and diffrent twist on a traditional Christmas must ...

baileys and chocolate cheesecake

Baileys and Chocolate Cheesecake

toffee apple cookies

Toffee Apple Cookies
These delicious cookies are great for Halloween treats or ...

baked apples with prunes, cinnamon & ginger

Baked apples with prunes, cinnamon & ginger
This Halloween themed dessert is perfect to round off a dinner ...
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