Illness & Disability
Illness & Disability
Illness & Disability
Illness and disability is something that a lot of people live with either themselves, via a partner, family member or child. Its very easy to close our eyes to Illness and disability but surely its better to understand, educate our children and help each other.

childhood eye cancer trust – art4eyes auction

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust - Art4Eyes Auction
CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) supports children, individuals and families affected by retinoblastoma (Rb). In the UK, every ...

sight impairment at 11

If your child has a sight impairment then you will know that wearing glasses to help their vision may not be the only help they ...

what would you do if you woke one morning & could not see properly…?

What would you do if you woke one morning & could not see properly...?
Suzie Simons talks to Mojomums about being registered blind, coping with 2 young children and how she is now empowering newly ...

mum of 2 charlotte tells us about infant blindness and how it effects her family

Having had a baby nothing can prepare you for hearing news that your child has an illness or something that sets them aside from ...
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