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    ambulance girls, deborah burrows

    Ambulance Girls, Deborah Burrows
    As death and destruction fall from the skies day after day in the London Blitz, Australian ambulance driver Lily Brennan ...

    the wind on his back, mary alexander

    The Wind On His Back, Mary Alexander
    The Wind on his Back is a beautifully-written collection of six short stories that explore different aspects of love. From a ...

    precarious fortunes, ian townsend

    Precarious Fortunes, Ian Townsend
    Set in 1838, Precarious Fortunes brilliantly exposes life in Europe's leading spa town of Harrogate, where many conventions of ...

    the little teashop of lost and found, trisha ashley

    Alice Rose is a foundling, discovered on the Yorkshire moors above Haworth as a baby. Adopted but then later rejected again by a ...

    blood sweat and schemes, rob watkins

    Blood Sweat And Schemes, Rob Watkins
    It had been a fling, to pass the time at the most boring party ever, well over ten years earlier. Now happily married, Bob could ...

    an east end girl, maggie ford

    An East End Girl, Maggie Ford
    Cissy Farmer longs to escape her life in London's Docklands where times are hard and money is tight. And when she meets the ...
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