Casual Workwear

This week I received an internal email “We have decided to relax the dress code going forward. What this means is that smart/casual wear is now acceptable daily in the office.”


Smart/casual – which is it?!?!  How smart should casual be and how casual can smart be?!?!

Now I probably sound ridiculous, but bear with me, I’ve come from many, many years of a uniform.  Yes, a uniform… Oh how I miss those days of never needing to think about what to put on, not needing to iron a whole five days worth of clothes (nylon, it seems, will never ever crease!).  The most strenuous work-wear thought process was whether to wear heels (we were supposed to) or flats (we all did!).

Having joined the Mojomums team after having my twins, I quite enjoyed the novelty of dressing for work – and lets be honest, anything was better than the trackie bottoms or PJ’s that I’d been living in since having my twins!  So smart, office shopping commenced; I’m not a tailored, fitted dress kinda gal, more black trousers and a smart shirt or top, but this felt like fun!  And I felt strangely ‘grown up’ in my work clothes!

I admired, from afar, my new colleagues clothes and how well put-together they all were; great at accessories and jewellery, all with their own definitive style – my style was getting out of the house on time with two two year olds!  But I watched and learnt, oh-so quietly…

Now the whole thing has swung around!  I don’t want to be the only one looking ‘smart’ if everyone else is looking ‘casual’ that day!  I feel an autumn shopping spree coming on!  I might need a little help to get this one right… I’ll let you know how I go!!!

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