Casey (aged 4) needs your help to help her friend

We have had an email sent to us from Casey who is 4 years old (OK so her mum sent it in on her behalf!) Anywy we thought that for Casey to be helping others with her condition despite her not being able to get the help herself makes her truely inspirational! Here is her email to us!


Dear Mojomums..

My name is Casey I am 4 years old and I am a twin. I have cerebral palsy which means I can’t walk.

There is an operation that can help cerebral palsy sufferers be able to walk -I am not eligible for the operation due to complications.

I have a friend at school – Matilda (5) She is also a twin (her brother is my sisters boyfriend..!) we all go to Coteford school in ruislip.

Matilda can have the operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital but the NHS are unable to cover the whole cost of the operation – the only way she can have it is if she pays £25,648 towards it – she is only 5 and so doesn’t have enough money in her piggy bank.

So, me and my mummy are helping Matilda and her mummy to raise the money.

Can you help us please..? We need to ask 25,648 people for £1 each but I don’t know that many people – so I need someone to help me that does..

So far, we have raised about £1200 so I only need to ask 24,448 people now!

Please help me raise this money for my friend

Casey Burke


If you would like to Help Casey to help her friend Matilda you can donate  Or donations by text Text MPJS50 £1/£2/£5 to 70070.


We are wishing you all the best of luck in raising the funds to carry out Matilda’s treatment.


2 Responses to Casey (aged 4) needs your help to help her friend

  1. Patricia Lee Sheen says:

    Well done Casey. Tilly can now have her surgery. I am sOooo proud of you my little Angel, Love Mamma xxx

  2. Patricia Lee Sheen says:

    Hi Casey it’s Mamma. My choir – Sing Gospel have linked you to their website and last night I got £15 out of them. We are all very proud of you xxxxxx

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