Can I have Chips? Louise Graham

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FED UP WITH BEING OVERWEIGHT? Join millions of others and learn how to succeed at losing weight and stay your perfect size – without giving up chips and other starchy foods! Ditch the faddy diets! You may lose weight initially, but unless you can maintain your weight loss for six months – the time it takes for hunger hormones that are triggered by dieting to return to normal – you may end up heavier than before you started your diet.

Based on the latest medical research, scientist Louise Graham explains that our modern diet makes us fat because it is highly palatable and energy dense. She reveals how you can lose weight permanently by increasing your intake of protein – more filling than other foods – and avoiding foods containing added sugar and added fat. Can I Have Chips? is a refreshing change from the usual faddy diet books, making it the perfect partner for anyone looking to lose weight and keep it that way.

Publisher:  Matador,2014

Reviewer:  Terri Webster

Louise Graham’s Can I have Chips? is presented in a clear easy to follow style. In the book, the author suggests that you can ‘Fill up, Lose Weight, and Feel Great’.

One of Louise Graham’s observations is that many people in order to lose weight, follow the latest diet fad for a while which works short term. Then, old habits and behaviours sneak back in. Soon, the pounds pile on again as they give in to hunger. She uses case studies and begins by asking questions which she then attempts to answer. Full of tempting menus with great nutrition ideas, it is written for anyone who wants to lose weight, balance their lifestyle, but not ditch everything in the cupboard.

This very useful book is divided into sections designed as motivational or for smart thinking in order to get the weight off – and more importantly, help keep it off. It also includes useful information about food types and food groups.

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