Bullying…together we can make it stop

Bullying is an issue that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It happens everywhere from the school playground to the workplace and ruins millions of peoples lives.


The front page of our local paper told of a 15 year old girl committing suicide over bullying and its not the first time I have seen that headline.


More disturbing is that when I googled the story, I was faced with pages upon pages of 15 year old children who had committed suicide over being bullied! I find this horrifying, worrying and deeply disturbing.


When you start to read the stories, a lot of a similar pattern and quotes of a happy child, popular and always smiling? it always seems a huge shock to the people who knew them best.


SO how is it then that these young children are soooo dreadfully unhappy and so severely bullied that they decide to take their own life?


Looking at responses to a very emotional subject, it seems that people very clearly lay the blame at different doors from the parents of the bullies, the school, the internet and of course the bullies themselves.  Are we pre-programmed as parents to never see the bad in our own children? Can we blame other 15 year olds who bully or is it their parents fault? The questions are endless, but one thing is for sure, bullying is a real issue and as a parent of five children I want to be armed with the facts and knowledge to ensure that my children are nice children who would never bully or be part of a ‘group’ bullying situation, that they are strong enough not to be bullied will stand up to bullies and that they have a close enough relationship with me or another adult to tell them if they are being bullied or are witnessing other people being bullied.


The reality is different we all know, group bullying, peer pressure and general over excitement can lead to soft bullying. Will encouraging my children to ‘tell’ on bullies lead to them being bullied?


One thing for sure is that together, as mums, we need more information. We need to know how to deal with children that bully, are being bullied and schools that deny bullying exists. We need help so we can help tackle this real issue now!


We want to do what we can to try and help parents see the signs and understand bullying better, in a society where we are all busy and rushing around are we failing to spend enough time with our children to look below the surface?


Mojomums will be talking to experts and people who have had experience with these issues. We are going to be questioning schools and speaking with people who can help us help our children.


When we know the best steps to take to ensure we get change, we will be asking for your help.


In the meantime if you want to get in touch to either help or share your story of bullying please do.


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