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So I haven’t written for a while, funnily enough I have been a bit busy. In my last update I was jovially laughing at how silly I was for starting an extension when my little one was so young. Well after an extended stay with the in laws and an almost 6 week delay on the build the hilarity of the situation lost it’s appeal!!!!

So after 8 weeks at the in laws which although they are lovely, was a little strained on everyone, they wanted their peaceful house back without toys and children. I wanted my own space and John well I think he was living in fear that one or other party might explode, so his nerves were shot!!!!

building dining

Anyway we moved back to the house and although still very much a building site with concrete floors and pots of paint everywhere it was home again. We moved in with everything we owned from the downstairs of our house crammed into the living room and a pasting table in the new extension which we used for food preparation. The evenings were not too rainy so we had a few barbecues and a few take outs and the microwave was used quite a bit too!

Jess is still not properly walking so I think a few outfits are potentially ruined from filthy knees and I am sure she has shoved bits of god knows what in her mouth! Which has made us laugh as if it had been Bethany we would have been having kittens – but somehow with the second child it doesn’t seem quite so bad!!! Bethany has wanted to “help” which has been painful, mucky, painstaking and slow but hey it’s all part of the fun! John has spent many an evening with a paint brush in his hand and I have been washing up in the bathroom sink, but it is all starting to pay off.

Well that was 3 weeks ago and so far we have a decorated and carpeted playroom – so the girls have a room they can spend time in and have their toys. The downstairs bathroom is tiled and functioning (Minus the shower) The utility has a worktop to prepare food! The kitchen is in and worktops on – it just needs tiles and handles and a functioning sink so we can start using it as a kitchen – but the cooker works! The dining room is decorated but still full of boxes and bits.

Jess is in Bethany’s room as her room is being used for storage. But we are getting there. It has taken us 6 months, there has been rain and mud, dust and more dust, cramped living arrangements, long waits and then rush jobs, a few tears and maybe a tantrum or two, but looking at our nearly there extension – well I have to say… it’s been worth it!

Building kitchen


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