Broken Open, Robin Reinach

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When Lara Leeds, a 20-something assistant at Thane PR, is approached by her boss’s captivating wife, an unlikely friendship develops. Andrea Thane leads Lara through New York City on a sophisticated adventure that titillates and seduces readers of both genders. Composed of emails and letters, Broken Open offers multiple perspectives on the sexscapades of these women and the men who love them. Plot twists and turns keep the reader guessing while the heat rises for a fun and sexy read.  

Publisher:  Central Park, May 2014

Reviewer:  Briony Stebbings

Broken Open is an erotic novella, it is the story of Lara Leeds, an assistant at Thane PR – she is involved with her boss and loves the excitement. When she approached by her boss’s wife things only get more exciting. Boundaries are explored and pushed and sometimes broken open.

The story is told through a collection of e-mails, text messages and letters. It is thoroughly modern, fun, full of twists and turns and told from many perspectives.

Far from my usual read – I’m not a 50 shades kind of girl, I was dubious about reading this. It hasn’t converted me to the genre, that however, is not the fault of the book.

Being a novella this was a short and easy read, there are no chapters, but individual e-mail conversations or letters; this keeps it quick and punchy and fits with the modern office feel and city life the book is set in. I did find that I often had to refer back to the top of the e-mail to find out which character was talking and who they were talking to and this was a little disruptive to the flow of the storyline. I think this would be the perfect holiday book, the nature of how it is composed lends itself to be picked up and put down, read in short bursts, ideal for on the beach and waiting in airports or trains stations.

Parts of the book really are very explicit, they are presented honestly and you get a real sense of what the characters are feeling – nothing is hidden behind descriptive ‘fluff.  It’s not trying to hide anything. Despite it not being my favourite genre and finding it at times awkward to read I really did start to like the main character, Lara.  She discovers herself through the various experiences and encounters she has with the many characters in the book and I really wanted to know how it would all end up for her.

If you are looking for a quick and easy read, something a bit fun and exciting, a little bit risqué then this is the book for you.

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