Britons more likely to turn to their Mum than their Dad when they need advice according to Legal & General Insurance

Over one-fifth (22%) of Britons turn to Mum first when they need advice while just 8% would turn to Dad

Mother’s Day may have been and gone, but mums are still number one when it comes to seeking advice… all year round. One-fifth of Britons would go to their Mum first for advice according to a study by Legal & General entitled What Would you Say to Your Younger Self?

The study, which forms part of a wider campaign by Legal & General to collate the advice Britons would give to their younger selves, reveals that in comparison just 8% of UK-wide respondents would turn to Dad while the remainder would turn to brothers and sisters (10%), extended family members (7%), friends (22%), colleagues or teachers (3%) or go elsewhere (28%).

The research also found that daughters are more likely to turn to their Mum for advice than sons with a quarter of females (25%) compared to just under a fifth of males (19%) choosing mum as the first port of call.

Londoners were also the most likely to listen to Mum with over a quarter (27%) of those surveyed in the capital turning to her first while people in the East Midlands were the least likely (16%). The survey also showed that nearly half of Britons (44%) believe women are more willing to listen to advice than men (8%).

So who would you turn to for advice? We’d love to here from you.

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