Brian has Dyslexia, Jenny Leigh

Brian Bear thinks he’s stupid because he makes mistakes with his letters and words and can’t tell his right from his left. But Dr Spot and a specialist teacher help him understand that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with him – he just has dyslexia. Soon, Brian is back on top form.

Reviewer: Briony Stebbings

As the title suggests this book is about Brian a small bear who has Dyslexia. It actually made me quite sad at points as this poor little bear thought he was stupid and one of his friends told him he was too and I know this is what happens every day to real children who do have Dyslexia.

This tale is very nicely written and great for children who either have Dyslexia and need some reassurance that everything is fine and can get better with a little work and the right help, I also think it is perfect for a child who has a friend or classmate with Dyslexia so they can gain some understanding which is also important.

The story is that of everyday life but the use of bears and other animals makes it fun and whimsical, it’s not trying to hide what is happening or dumb it down but just explain things in a straightforward manner that young children understand, it covers the tests and extra teaching required as well as things to look out for and how Brian felt.

At the end of the story there is a lot of information for parents about indicators at certain ages and resources available. So not only is this reassuring for the child but the parents as well. This is the kind of book I would like to see in my child’s school library when he starts and as there is whole range in the Doctor Spot Casebook Series, from everyday things like Head Lice to the far more worrying Meningitis there is bound to be a book that at one stage or another you as a parent can make use of.

A very useful book not to be discounted just because your child doesn’t suffer as they are bound to know at least one child who does and it is understanding that helps children grow.


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