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Do your children have regular eye tests?   Did you know it is recommended that children have their eyes checked at least every two years from the age of three?  I wear glasses every day and I have to admit that my five year old son has not had his eyes tested at an opticians yet, although he has had an eye test at school…

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Boots Opticians has created a free, fun eye check storybook called Zookeeper Zoe that is available in store and online. Up to 80 percent of what a child learns is through their sight1, so this innovative book, developed with the National Literacy Trust, contains a range of interactive eye check activities to help parents and carers understand if their child might need support with their vision, so nothing holds them back.

Created for children aged four to six in collaboration with celebrity Dad, Peter Andre, the book tells the story of a little girl’s day out at the zoo during which she unexpectedly has to step in and help look after the animals.  For Zoe, who is “crazy about crocs and barmy about bears” this is a dream come true.  As the story unfolds, the copy and illustrations guide parents through basic checks designed to help identify any problems with sharpness of vision, the ability to focus properly and to detect different colours.

The following checks and questions appear within the story:

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Zookeeper Zoe is a first step in understanding your child’s vision, and is not intended to replace a comprehensive eye check. It is recommended that children have their eyes checked at least every two years from the age of three. Eye health checks are provided free (courtesy of the NHS) in the UK up to 16 years old4.  If your child needs glasses, you can also get an NHS voucher towards the cost, so often they are free of charge.

To book an eye health check, speak to your Boots Optician or make an appointment by calling 0345 125 3752 or visit

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