Book review: The Shostring Club, Sarah Webb

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“When the love of her life, Ed, announces his surprise engagement to her best friend, Julia Schuster is distraught but determined not to let them see how much she is hurting.  She spies a remarkable dress in Shoestring, her sister’s designer second-hand shop, and knows she’ll only be able to stagger through the wedding day, showing everyone how over Ed she is, if she’s wrapped in its soft silk chiffon.  Unfortunately, it costs mega bucks and she’s barely hanging onto her job as it is.”

Published by Pan on 27th September 2012

Price: £6.99 (Paperback original)

Reviewer: Michelle, Storrington, West Sussex

Julia Schuster is a girl wronged.  The ex-best-friend has only gone and decided to fall in love with Ed Powers, Julia’s ex (and raison d’etre) and to top everything off, is getting married to him in the not too distant future.

Pandora, Julia’s sister is a hard working but fashion obsessed single mother of one, who just happens to own Shoestring – A second hand designer clothes shop.  The dress of the century lands itself at Shoestring in all its’ sparkly, chiffony splendor and into Julia’s heart. Unfortunately it also costs a bomb and is way out of Julia’s reach – that is until another broke customer wants the dress for an equally essential occasion and a clever plan is devised.

This is readable book and flows easily like a good summer read should – all the essential chick lit bits are there;  likeable main characters, a male best friend, fashion and a crisis that needs resolving. Unsurprisingly this also makes it a bit predictable but hey, who likes too many surprises!?


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