Book Review: The Best Friend Boyfriend Theory, Laura Lawrence

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I’m speechless, his words cut through me like a knife through my heart I don’t know what has happened to my best friend but I don’t like him very much right now.

Becky has yet again fallen in love with the wrong man. This time however she has fallen for her best friend JJ. Will she tell him how she feels? Will they get together or will her feelings ruin their friendship? Can it ever work with a friend or should best friends stay just that? Let’s put the theory to the test.

Becky’s life is far from boring, follow her on her journey and go through the highs and lows with her and root for the man you love!

Publisher: Laura Lawrence, April 2013

Reviewer: Tracey Hanson

I was hooked from page 1. A great debut novel and one I will definitely be recommending to my “chick lit” friends. I have to like the characters for a book for work for me but that’s isn’t an issue with “The Best Friend Boy Friend Theory”. All characters are likeable and realistic and you want to know more and more about them and their lives. The twists (as in a few chick lit books) maybe slightly predictable but doesn’t detract from the author’s obviously writing talent which comes through from the start to the finish. Parts of the book also made me laugh out loud (not making me popular with the rest of the household). I really like the fact that the  author doesn’t follow the usual plots in the “can boys and girls be just friends” scenario which adds to the books’ obvious charm.

This is an author whose future novels will be eagerly awaited and if future books are anything like this, we will be in for a treat.

Reviewer: Nadine Matheson

Becky tells the story of her relationship with her childhood friend Jamie or JJ in ‘The Best Friend Boyfriend Theory’.   After a one night stand turns into a second ‘night’ Becky finds herself moving out of the house she shared with her best friend and starting a new life with a new home and a new man.  

From the title of the book, the impression that I first had was that the story would revolve around Becky trying to see if her best friend could become her boyfriend i.e. an experiment, as opposed to starting off as unrequited love and then ending far too neatly with babies and marriage.

The characters in this book are clear and have their own unique voice, however, the two main characters, Becky and JJ seemed to me as two-dimensional and as a  result I found they did not come across as people who I would sympathise with.   This is a shame as Becky is such a complex character and we were only given snapshots of her past i.e. depression, eating disorder etc.  However, the characters of Beth and Bruce are well-developed and are likeable.  I found myself really liking Bruce and cheering him on whilst Jamie came across as a bit selfish and I was happy when Beth and Bruce got together in the end and Bruce made his little ‘speech’ at the dinner with Becky’s dad.   

The book did not feel overcrowded with the different sub-plots and they are both intriguing and well thought out but again I felt they needed to be developed more e.g. the relationship between Beth and Bruce.  The complex relationship between Becky and her father was a good story line which I feel could have been developed more and could possibly have been used as the foundation for the ‘TBFBFT’ especially considering that her father saw Jamie as the son he never had.

I did feel that the story was a little rushed and the chapters could have been developed more, but the writing is very solid and the author is able to tell an engaging story that made me finish the book in one sitting, which is quite a skill. 


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