Book Review ‘Learn Love in a Week’, Andrew Clover

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Polly has been married to Arthur for ten years when she meets James Hammond. He’s her Road Not Taken. The One That Got Away. He’s also rich, and in one week he’s inviting her to his hotel in the country to give her the job she’s always wanted. He also wants her.

Polly is so tempted. Arthur is gorgeous, but he’s grumpy. He insists he can change, but can he? After ten years, can you learn to love? And if you could, would you still choose your partner?

Publisher: Arrow Media, May 2013 (available in both paperback and Kindle versions)
Reviewer: Carolyn Sharp

Although it is the type of read that you can pick up during snatched moments, this book got me gripped from the outset and I didn’t want to put it down.  As a thirty something with a family, I could also relate to it in parts making it all the more appealing. It struck an even balance between humour and seriousness which made me chuckle.

As it was told by the different characters, we get to see life as they view it and their different perspectives. The characters are ‘stuck in ruts’ and have lost appreciation for what really matters. The book takes us through their journey as they rediscover themselves and each other whilst trying to indulge in fantasies and at the same time risking everything.

Polly wants to take risks and do what she didn’t dare do before.  Revisiting her past she is jeopardising her marriage and her future.  Arthur her ‘downtrodden’ husband has become stuck in his role as the stay at home dad who struggles to get work. He finally rebels and won’t be trodden down anymore by Polly.  Polly’s friend Em is with a man scared of commitment and desperate to get him to take that massive leap. She goes on to dabble where a woman should never go when it looks like her man has run a mile.  As they all set off on their individual journeys, we wait to see whether their paths will lead them back to where they turned off.

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