Book Review ‘Fix Your Life With NLP’, Alicia Eaton

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Do you struggle to lose weight and wonder why? Do your bad habits and lack of confidence hold you back? Do you find yourself repeating bad patterns of behaviour?  Fix Your Life will show you how easy it can be to rid yourself of life’s irritating problems by using the latest psychological techniques of NLP.  This is an ideal introduction to the subject, as the author Alicia Eaton cuts through the technical jargon that’s usually associated with NLP and explains how the techniques and strategies used by some of the world’s most successful people, can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

Client stories from the author’s Harley Street practice demonstrate how to fix fears and phobias such as public-speaking or fear of flying; deal with bad habits such as shopping addiction or Facebook obsessions and even apply your very own hypnotic gastric band to combat overeating.  Readers are encouraged to view this book as a ‘first aid kit for the mind’ that can support them, plus friends and family, for many years.

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster, January 2012

Reviewer: Lisa Turner

The book is advertised as ‘A First-aid Kit for the Mind’ and includes lots of techniques and strategies for breaking bad habits, increasing confidence and making other changes in your daily life that some of us find hard to do.

It is not the usual sort of book that I would choose to read but it was interesting to learn about the techniques that are available to us, in an easy and concise way; the book calls the techniques ‘apps’ and encourages you to ‘download’ them into your mind through a range of visualisation techniques that can be easily carried out alone (or with another person reading out the instructions) in the comfort of your own home.  The book begins by taking you through some basic techniques and then goes on to list 30 ‘apps’ in more detail such as weight loss, shopping addictions, lack of confidence and other such issues that many of us try to cope with on a daily basis.

It is the sort of book that you can dip into at various stages of your life; it doesn’t all need to be read in one go, you can just choose the parts that are relevant.

I would recommend the book to other people; it may not cure all the issues you have but it will give you an insight into how these issue came about.



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