Blood Sweat And Schemes, Rob Watkins

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0It had been a fling, to pass the time at the most boring party ever, well over ten years earlier. Now happily married, Bob could not have forseen that the gods would conspire to make ‘The Fling’; his wife’s boss. Now, she was out to twist his world to breaking point.

‘The Fling’, Charity, was blackmailing Bob. Every time he tried to escape her clutches, the people around him paid the price. The retribution and vengeance escalated every time he tried to resist. What Bob didn’t know was that Charity’s evil plans were evolving. What began as making his life hell, just for the fun of it, was turning into something far more sinister. She was out to turn the people he loved most against him. Before long, it would end in murder, mayhem and blood.

How could an ordinary van salesman dig himself into such a deep hole? Will he be able to save himself before it’s too late?

Publisher: Book Guild, Sept 2016

Reviewer: Jen

A very funny read – but also a story that made me feel so frustrated.  I wanted to give Bob a slap and say ‘tell your wife’. But then I think he secretly liked being treated as a sex object by Charity.  Talk about have your cake and eat it.

The Author,  Rob Watkins.   A very good story using experiences from his own life. I hope I get the chance to read any future books by him.

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