WWE Smack Down Live 2018 – the countdown!

My name is Dex, I am so excited that it is nearly time for Smack Down Live 2018. I have been waiting all year for this!



The New Day are going bring lots of fun, a bit of craziness and some funky dance moves! It will be a great battle with the Usos, as they are going to renew their fierce rivalry.


We are so lucky to be able to see if AJ Styles can retain his WWE championship or if Nakamura can claim the title! My bets are on AJ, but I want Nakamura to win.



I can’t wait to see Daniel Bryan and I am really hoping that Jeff Hardy makes a surprise appearance!! That would be EXTREME!!!!!!


WWE at the O2 is always a special night, for mega fans like me. I like to watch smack down on the TV Wednesday mornings and this time I will be looking for me in the audience!

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