Work, Rest and Play…

After a busy year at work, with an even busier home life, it was about time that hubby and I packed up the car, grabbed the kids and headed off on an autumn family break!


I love autumn holidays. ¬†You get to make the most of our summer and know you still have something to look forward to when the evenings start to get that little bit darker…


So off to Bluestone in Wales we went, on the recommendation and rave reviews from Mojomums Sally and her family, who have enjoyed a few holidays at this beautiful national park resort.


A great time was had by all – I swear, holidays certainly get easier and better as children turn from babies into little people that can entertain themselves for more than two minutes at a time and when you don’t have to pack the entire kitchen sink into your family car!


We enjoyed woodland walks, soft play fun, daily swims, lunches out, lunches in, golf buggy rides, all in all that magical mystical thing that is known as ‘quality family time’…without the every day worries and rushes to and from work and school.


A break away – a good one and one that I highly recommend and will definitely be returning to.


Oh, and the highlight?  Letting hubby run around the indoor adventure center with the terrible twins while I sat quietly, enjoying a latte and reading my kindle for a whole, uninterrupted hour Рyes, we will definitely be rebooking for Spring!

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