Who has seen Toy Story 4…?!

Have you seen it yet?! The big summer family movie?! I think I’m even more excited than my children to see…


…yes, you’ve guessed right, Toy Story 4!!!


I cannot wait to see what Woody and friends get up to – I have loved every film so far and yes, I have my tissues at the ready!



In conjunction with Disney Pixar, LEGO have released a range of amazing sets to tie in with the film and we have been sent Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania (RRP £44.99 ages 4+).  I haven’t given it to my children yet, I thought it would be a lovely surprise to give once we have seen the film!


The action-packed playset features a colourful carnival shooting game with a large sign and laser cannon, plus a special Starter Brick baseplate that gives first-time builders the experience and pride of constructing buildings, vehicles and more on their own. This set also includes a spinning Terrorantulus ride with adjustable arms, 2 bumper cars with Starter Brick chassis and an ice cream shop with register, table and benches and a sign.



Included are Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep LEGO figures plus Ducky and Bunny too!


So loved are the Toy Story 4 characters, I know my children will be arguing over who gets to play with which! And hours of fun will be had with the set.


I’ll let you know what we think of the film…!



LEGO Toy Story 4 sets are available from many high street stores and online from Amazon.



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