Where can I change my baby?

Time and time again I have often found myself cursing the lack of baby changing facilities, that is if you are a father. Does the rest of the world truly believe that we don’t go out with our kids without the need to bring mum along too? I’ve sometimes found myself, with a changing matt of course, bent on my knees changing my baby on the floor on a men’s restroom. Then what am I supposed to do with a dirty nappy, I can’t very well flush it down the loo, so I’m having to carry it out with me until I find the nearest bin.

Lately we’ve had a celebrity on our side in the form of actor Ashton Kutcher. His partner, the also famous Mila Kunis, gave birth to their first child back in October. He recently took to twitter to vent his frustration at the lack of baby changing facilities in men’s toilets, saying:

“There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms. The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout on my FB page! #BeTheChange

Research has found there is huge support among mums and dads for more baby changing stations in men’s toilets. I think now is the time that retailers and councils start to take notice and put a change in motion.

I will however go on record to highlight how much better the situation is than say ten or twenty years ago, in some shopping centres I’ve been to, they do in fact supply communal changing areas.

With so much emphasis on equality these days, lets not forget that men are parents too. We are a lot more involved with our children and society should accept that, I still often get the ‘looks’ when I’m pushing my double-pram without their mother around.

So here’s to a better world for parents everywhere, lets not wait for another ten celebrities to have their say before something is done.

Written by MojoDad Jim, author, husband and father of two
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  1. Richard says:

    Dear Jim, My son is 6 and my daughter is 3, sp I have been through the same humiliations of kneeling on a toilet floor in a cubicle amongst the vile liquids and scents, trying to change a nappy with zero elbow room, juggling all my items in mid-air for fear they might touch ANY surface. It has been a disgusting and humiliating experience at times. Once the child then reaches post-nappy/potty life, you have the dilemma of having to take a small girl into the gents. Nobody finds this comfortable or feels it should happen. The Gents is rightly named. No sane man would happily enter the sacred depths of the ladies, regardless of nappy duties – with all due respect of course! The amount of non-child height urinals is also frustrating; having to hover my son above the target is not satisfying for either party… A boy needs to learn the satisfaction of a good wee! Especially when you are at a service station, possibly the worst offenders considering their customer demographic. Dozens of toilets facilities, rarely any designed for those under 4ft. Family toilets that match the excellent standard of disabled ones, could easily be installed. Better civic and commercial architecture is easy to achieve, just requires the right open minds in the positions of authority to listen. How is sanitation in 2015 England still lagging behind? Thomas Crapper must be turning in his grave! #BeTheChange

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