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My blogs haven’t been a day to day diary of everything I do, I’ve tried to keep them to a topic so they are slightly more interesting (I think) and hopefully engage the reader to think about the particular subject I’m writing about.


When I agreed to do the November Diary of Mojomum I thought that a diary entry would be  exactly what I would do…From what time I woke up, the breakfast lowdown, school run antics then an hour by hour account of what I did for the rest of the day. However, I felt that after a few days that would get a bit, um, shall we say ‘samey’ to say the least. So instead I opted for a topic based blog every couple of days.


I’ve no idea what type of blogs are best as I’ve never written them before. I have suddenly become very interested in them now though (surprisingly) and most are about a particular subject matter. Usually an interest or hobby that other people share and want to read about; or they are work related. Experienced bloggers will always offer some relevant information and advice, stuff that keeps the reader wanting to return.


I’ve learned that there has been a massive ‘Mummy blogger’  explosion too in recent years, with many sites popular with mums attracting a huge blogging society. But more specifically stay at home mums who write about their families and kids; they include what they eat and literally everything they do in a day. There was a little furore a few weeks ago when Liz Jones, a journalist for the Daily Mail, slammed mummy bloggers and accused them of being ‘kept’ by their husbands, ignoring their kids in favour of screens as well as being so narrow minded they may as well wear burkas!  Obviously a very hostile debate ensued with Liz accused of being out of touch and jealous that these mums can write a blog AND make money out of it too!


Other mums love reading mummy blogs though and I think the reason is simple. We can all relate to them. We feel validated I guess that what we do/think/eat/feel is just, well, ‘normal’! They are quite often heartfelt or fun to read and have lots of useful tips. They can also be a great outlet at the end of the day for the bloggers themselves, just letting off some steam!


Anyway, I’ve already given you an insight into what a typical weekend day looks like for us so my next will be a typical week day. I’d be interested to know what the mums reading my blogs here on Mojomums think and I’m sure it will help the next Mojomum diarist!


Update: Carolynne now writes her own blog which you can visit here

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