Welcoming changes: Five lessons I’ve learnt from my kids

After my firstĀ Mojomums blog, I’m excited to share my thoughts and experience with this great community. As I mentioned in the previous post, I have just relocated to the UK after living five years abroad and I have to say that one of my main worries was how the kids (aged 5 and nearly 3) were going to face the changes and a new life in an unfamiliar environment. Just to mention a few, I had sleepless nights thinking about the challenges my daughter (who was about to start school) was going to face in a completely new system and routine. I also worried (as mums like to do) about the routines that were already established with my son (sleeping habits, nursery, etc). However, and to my great surprise, kids have adjusted so well and they have taken the changes in such a positive and creative way, that I would like to share today five lessons I have learned from them that apply not only for moving cities or countries, but for any important change in life.


  1. Changes are good, and sometimes, necessary


As adults, we feel better within our comfort zone, especially if we have a young family. For someone who loves routines as I do, changes are not always happily welcome. But from the experience we have had the last couple of months, I have to say that changes are good, and sometimes, necessary to bring new things into our lives and they help us to become stronger and more creative and to be thankful for the things we have. In their innocent way, my kids have shown me that attitude matters the most, and when you welcome changes in your life everything works out in a good way. I used to love changes before I became a mother, but with the responsibilities that a family brings, it didn’t sound that interesting any more. Until now.


  1. Let’s not forget to see the world through child’s eyes


One of the boring things of growing up is loosing the capacity of wondering by little things, getting excited and enjoying the most simple moments. By being a mum, we have the fortune to be kids again and to enjoy things by being curious and creative. New landscapes, different weather (yes, we do miss the permanent lovely sunshine, but we are doing alright), new friends, plans, relatives around… Can it be anymore exciting for a kid?


  1. Life is not black or white


The weather plays an important part of life in the UK and can affect not only your plans but also your mood! We lived in a city with amazing weather where the sun was always out, but unfortunately, that is not everything you need, is it? Kids will have the chance to see snow for the very first time, and hopefully will keep that memory for ever. New pink gloves? Amazing. Welly boots with his favorite super hero? The highlight of the day. There are different shades of grey in every experience, and things are definitely not only black or white.


  1. Everything is a matter of time


I remembered when my first child was born, I had a mix of feelings between excitement and panic for the first two months (even though my husband and I were a team since the first day, I remembered asking my mum to stay with me as much as she could). Thinking back about those days, I truly believe that everything is a matter of time, of getting your way around things, adjusting and finding your own path. Even if change seems chaotic at the beginning, just give it time, everything will get better.


  1. Family is what matters the most


As long as we are together, things will work out the best possible way. Friends will always be there and we will be able to count on them at any time, but home is where your family is. Kids have shown us that by being together, everything is possible.


Thanks for reading!

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