Triplets…are they IVF?


BLOG UPDATE – I didnt want to take this blog down as it was written at a time when our lives really were filled with a lot of attention and comments. It was written in a moment of anger and upset but represented how I felt that day and many more.

My triplets are 5 now and as we dont and never really have dressed them the same, people dont even realise they are triplets anymore so the comments are less.

I love my life, feel like the luckiest person alive to have my five beautiful children and watch in amazement everyday at the bond all 5 share.

If you read my blog please read it with a pinch of salt!


Having triplets is one of the most wonderful experiences I think that you can have. It isn’t something that everyone gets to experience and the dynamics between three children all born at the same time, doing everything together fascinates me. I think I am especially lucky as I have two older daughters who I got to enjoy one at a time and when I think about the fact that I now have 5 very beautiful, kind and caring children (most of the time) it really makes me feel very lucky indeed.


However there  is one big downside to having triplets and that is YOU…Ok, so maybe not you personally but Joe Public, the lady in the corner shop, the friend of a friend, the man walking down the road, the 25 people in Sainsburys, the lady at the school gate, the nurse in A&E and the other mum who I met for the first time at a kids party at the weekend.


Some of you just say really stupid things, and actually that’s ok – we still dine out on the lady who asked me if they would all be one on their first birthday! I can’t help but be amused by ‘three twins’ and asking me if they are all identical (I have two very different girls and one boy) is also pretty amusing! Stupid but amusing!


However,  take note – those of you who feel it is OK to unburden your own feelings towards the thought of having three of your own child on me – they are not three of your children they are three of mine.  My children are polite and well behaved and I LOVE THEM! I do not want to hear that you would commit suicide, die or be horrified if you had triplets – that may be the case but it isn’t the case for me. Nor do I want to hear ‘OMG are they triplets?! – how horrendous!’ or ‘triplets! couldn’t think of anything worse’ – Really? Could you really not think of anything worse?


If you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say anything at all



If you actually stop and think  about what you’re saying to me is it ok?

For one, you are saying it in front of my children who can hear you! And I am a person with feelings too. If you think about what I was doing when you said it, minding my own business and avoiding eye contact with you, and you made an effort to come over to me especially to insult not me but MY CHILDREN!! ?


My 7 year old is so used to your stupid comments now that when you walk away she now says ‘mummy there are so many nasty people’ and rolls her eyes. Did your own mothers really NOT tell you that if you can’t say anything nice not to say anything at all?


One lady, who is actually a mum herself reacted to the news that I have triplets by physically retching and then holding her stomach and telling me that it had made her feel physically sick! Days later I am still trying to get my head around how it was ok for her to do that?  Does she not understand that her very stupid, very childish reaction to my children was actually very hurtful!


Would you on a normal day walk around Tesco displaying a box of condoms on the top of your trolley for all to see?


BUT in-spite of all of that, the thing that YOU are most guilty of and the thing that ruins my day more than any other  is asked by those of you who skipped past the whole ‘if you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all’ part and just moved right onto asking personal questions to a stranger????


It happens everytime I leave the house with my triplets, I can see you coming. I cringe on your behalf and although you come in many disguises, I can spot you a mile off!  I’m standing in a silent queue of 10 people in the post office, you tap me on the shoulder and here it comes “triplets? … are they IVF?”


Seriously – you have just asked me how my children were conceived!!  You don’t know me, I don’t know you, you haven’t asked me my name or if they are even my children,  you haven’t introduced yourself, shook my hand, your not a friend or member of my family – instead of answering that very personal question, how would you feel if I asked you how your children were conceived? “missionary position?”


Would you on a normal day walk around Tesco displaying a box of condoms on the top of your trolley for all to see? announcing to the queue, just these condoms and some bananas please… Or would you hide them under your shopping along with your tampax and thrush cream because you do not want complete strangers to know your personal life?


SO why then do you think that I would want to share that information with YOU.  IT IS NOT ok for you to ask me a very personal question LET ALONE about my children IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN?


Because of YOU at the age of 5, I had to explain to my daughter who knew nothing about the birds and the bees what IVF was, because of you I have had to do the same with my 4 year old, because of you my triplets will also be having that subject explained to them before they have to!! Because of you I don’t like going out on days where I am in a rush, because of you sometimes I don’t go out and because of you I avoid the dreaded queue where you can get my undivided attention and I cant escape!


For the record, I love my children, all of them the same including the triplets. I dont forget their names, get them mixed up or split my love 5 ways! I have 5 times as much love to give. I would not change my life for the world, I know parents whose one child is harder work than my five put together. Yes it is harder to get out sometimes, maybe you could offer a hand rather than staring and talking about me behind my back? My triplets slept through the night at 11 weeks old, how old were your children? I work, I do normal things, we have already taken three holidays since they were born and we are going on two more this year – having triplets is like winning the lottery!


Although it goes against my upbringing and an inner need to respect others, respect their privacy and be polite I have decided that from today on, if you insult me, or ask me a personal question I am going to tell you that you have insulted me and point out that the question you just asked was inappropriate -I hope that you wont be offended.


So unless you are coming over to me to tell me how lucky I am, how beautiful my children are or to ask the time, please don’t bother and  IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT ANYTHING NICE TO SAY PLEASE DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

Please pass this blog onto everyone you know, and everyone I know! not because I want you to read my blog but because I want to be able to leave my house and return with my dignity in tact!




“Think Before You Speak”

Following the success of this blog we are currently working on a campaign to show the world how beautiful all of our children are.


No matter how many children you have, if you have ever had a hurtful comment and would like to show the world (or the Mojomum world at least) how beautiful your children are and are happy for your picture to feature in our campaign, for more details view the campaign here


Think before you speak





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121 Responses to Triplets…are they IVF?

  1. Elisa Rodriguez says:

    Excellent article. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Tracey says:

    I think you need to read this 🙂 it changed the way I felt when I received silly comments.

  3. jessica says:

    such a good post. I get those questions all the time as a mother of three beautiful 4 year old triplet boys. I have yet to master the don’t answer or the rude come back. I once was asked “did you do that on purpose?” luckily my boys are very old at the time and did not hear it. I was so dumbfounded that I just walked away. I agree it does get easier once they get older and out of the stroller/buggy. however I am expecting this next year to get a lot more weird comments and rude comments because we are expecting a singleton. It will be interesting change in our life and will be an opportunity for me to life figure out how to answer people’s rude questions.

  4. Samantha says:

    Well said I had three kids 3 and under and I always hated the comment “oh you must be busy”. It probably bugged me more than it should but I loved being “busy” with my children and I never felt over burdened with them. It was just fun. I actually WANT twins as I think it would be an amazing and different experience.

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you for the reminder to be kind & polite. There is always room for more kindness.
    My brother & his wife had three beautiful children but seemed to get all sorts of people inquiring why they didn’t have more. My brother was so insensed by these inappropriate questions & by the tears it caused his wife that he finally began telling people that they were saving up for a boat instead! He said it was very satisfying to see the moral outrage on their faces & gave he & his wife something to laugh over together instead of cry over.
    Eventually they were blessed with another child but due to unforeseen complications during the baby’s birth their family is most definitely complete. I guess that boat is in order for real now!
    Best of luck & humanity to you & your beautiful family.

  6. Deanne Corcoran says:

    Great read. My FAVORITE comment? The snarky, “God bless you!” Our response? “HE DID!”. 🙂 And then of course “Thank you.”. We had a 2 yr old also when we came home with 3 day old triplets. I have become quite sensitive to the IVF question… which has surprised me. Ours were spontaneous (I am a twin… my twin sister had twins… We are super duper hyper ovulators…. Had my uterus removed to avoid possibly having quads… Which I don’t know that I would have physically survived.) but the question does indeed get asked a lot. I don’t think I would ever ask someone such a thing. People never cease to amaze me. 🙂

  7. Oh yes, I have twins (4 under 4) & have found peoples’ comments most amusing…

  8. Michelle Arrowsmith says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and although our trio are now 21 I do agree that people can be so rude. We have a older son who was 3 when the triplets were born and I recall him asking one day if we were poor as every one was saying oh poor you have 3 babies. We did feel truly blessed and it was a delight watching them interact with each other and their older brother.
    Cheers Michelle Arrowsmith (mother of Kate,Josh,Lisa and older brother Michael)

  9. Wl says:

    I get your point – children are indeed a blessing. But isn’t your rudeness about people’s rudeness kind of ironic? “Unless you can say something nice, then dont’ say anything?” Are you being nice by calling these people, stupid, ignorant, and insensitive? They may think you are being insensitive. Sounds like you are being intolerant to their intolerance of you 🙂 Just a thought.

    • Sally says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Children are a blessing x

      I think that the point here is I would never ever be rude to their face. I was raised to be polite and respectful of others and find it very hard to take the horrible comments, especially when they are said about my children in front of them. So I chose to write my feelings down in this personal blog rather than be a rude person. Despite my best efforts I still find it impossible to not answer their questions or be rude back – I’m hoping that makes me polite.

  10. Kerri Jackson says:

    We have six children and most of the comments we receive are very positive. However, one time after a funeral (of all places), we were filing out and a woman I didn’t know approached me. She didn’t introduce herself, but simply said, “You need to stop having children.” I thought quickly about whether any of them had been disruptive or noisy and couldn’t think of anything they had done except to sit quietly and respectfully. Shocked I asked her why. She simply repeated herself. I smiled and told her that we believe that children are a gift from God and that we would feel very blessed to have some more. She turned around and walked away. Unbelievable and Very Sad!!!

  11. Angela Brannan says:

    Enjoy ,enjoy and enjoy your time with your little gifts. Our triplets are the youngest of seven. They turn 18 this month and as I reflect back on our lives growing them,I am pleased and filled with such awe and wonder! Let the chatter of people who make unhappy comments fade away. When asked if they are IVF,I reply with a chuckle,” oh. Dear, only God can breathe life into being .
    You are strong ,beautiful and oh so blessed!

  12. jo says:

    Loved reading this! I know it’s a year old but I just came across it now! My twins are 12 now and when I had them I had a 1year old and a 2year old too! So I was always dumbfounded by the ‘were they natural’ question by ppl I knew- like why wd I have gone for ivf when my second child was only 6 mths and my eldest was 13 mths older then him?!?! And the ‘rather u then me’ comment I got the whole time! Personally I cdnt have been more elated when I found out it was twins and indeed was thrilled it was rather me then them! And ‘you can see they are/aren’t identical’ comment? Really? U came to that conclusion by looking at their faces for half a minute? Enjoy your 3! Its so special!

  13. Maria says:

    Hi Sally firstly I would like to thank you very much for your blog well done and very well said! I’m currently 16 weeks and expecting triplets of my very own and clearly have so very much to learn. In my case I’m proud to tell you and anyone else out there who might be struggling to conceive that miracles really do happen. And although the process can be extremely difficult it all pales in comparison when it results in positive news and if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with triplets what more can any mother hope for. You mentioned a website which may be of assistance on one of your earlier responses to another triplet mum to be, would you mind sending me the link as well? Bless you and your beautiful family.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Maria and massive congratulations – having triplets is a wonderful experience. I guess I should say here to everyone – please do not take my blog out of context – I love having triplets and 99% of the time its fabulous – the older gentlemen who stopped me in Sainsburys to tell me how lucky I was made my day for weeks – he had tears in his eyes and was so kind! my point is that being different in anyway doesn’t give people the right to ask personal questions and unburden their own ‘negative’ feelings on us. I have to say that a year on from writing this blog – and as I said earlier – minus the pushchair – things are easier when out and about. I wont tell you what mess I just had to clean up from my trio’s latest antics – but I feel blessed every single day x I will send you an email with the details of the group if thats ok?

  14. Angela Hills says:

    Well done you. Your children are beautiful. I am a grandmother of triplets, who are all individual humans. Unfortunately I am unable to see as much of them and their sisters as I would like as they live in Australia.

  15. Karin says:

    From a mum of almost 4 year old triplets, and two older boys (7 and 8) saidly i can relate. We’re from the netherlands and i’m said to say that what you encounter is universal, I’ve encouter exactly the same things, it gets better when they are older, hopefully. Mij trips are identical boys and a girl, so now we have twins and they just can’t think how the girl fits in. The puzzle on their faces is soemtimes brilliant.

  16. I think that your amazing! So inspired by your words. I have always dreamed of having twins or triplets etc as I too love the idea for this immediate big family, amazing bond & sharing, creating everything together. I would love to offer you help in travelling with your young ones on holiday to help you enjoy your time with them even more so.
    If your interested please contact my company;

  17. Michelle says:

    I might print multiple copies of this so I can give them to our adoring public. The people who think that I don’t see them pointing and staring, and the ones who say things like you mentioned: “Triplets? That’s horrible!” or “I’d DIE if that were me”.

  18. Stacey says:

    Love love love this! Sums up the questions us triplets mums get hammered with perfectly. I am still not sure why it matters to strangers whether they are IVF or not!

  19. Sonya Drummond says:

    Oh my its like you have read my mind ! I deal with the same reality everyday . I have twin boys and triplet daughters . Some people have no idea !

  20. Chenoa says:

    Thank you! I have a 7 and 5 year old and 16 month old triplets. I could have written this. I love it.
    Thank you from Australia!!!

    • Sally says:

      It’s a great dynamic, mine are now 8, 5 and the triplets are now a very cheeky nearly 3! I love watching the 5 of them together x I have friends and family in Australia and hope to bring the kids one day when I can face the flight and afford the airfare!

  21. Mena says:

    Well said Sally! Good for you! Congratulations on your beautiful family and your precious 5 children. I read through the comments, yours and everyone who commented and even your gracious replies to the critics who don’t deserve one, Whatever happened to freedom of speech on one’s own blog wall, if they don’t like it they can leave.(rolling my eyes for them). I think your blog was spot on and I commend you for speaking out. Twins run in my family and twice I was unable to carry twins to term, 6years after the last loss and thinking I was getting menopause I got blessed with twins instead. I have 3 older boys and 10 month old boy and girl twins who originally started as 3 but I lost one early on in their pregnancy. So as you can imagine I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have my 5 kids. And everyone who ever loves kids including those who lost kids or have kids or ever wanted to have and couldn’t will appreciate your blog. I know from personal experience that some people can be rude mean and ignorant and when you are the darker half of a mixed race older couple with one twin a lot paler than the other, the comments get even worse. Here are some; Are they yours? Are they twins? Are they identical? Was it IVF? Where they conceived naturally? where they intentional? Good heavens 5, whatever where you thinking! how do you cope? Thank God your daughter is white! I guess contraception wasn’t working then? Are they British? your daughter looks British was she adopted? Are they adopted? Do you know your kids are not the same colour? Poor you! Oh No Double trouble! and this one was asked of my husband do your grandkids have someone black in their family? (babe was more offended to be considered their grand father, I guess he has gotten use to the black question he usually answers those with If you have to use colour at least be accurate my wife is golden her makeup says so) and then you get those that don’t say anything but just look at you and shake their head like you should be ashamed of having 5 children. But it does warm my heart when every now and then you get decent people stop me to say they are without doubt the most gorgeous babies they have seen and ooh and aah over how beautiful they are and how well behaved all 5 kids are and praise and encourage rather than bring down and on those occasions I am reassured that there is hope for mankind after all. Enjoy your family Sally and stay blessed.

    • Sally says:

      Wow Mena thank you so much for your wonderful post and kind words. Your story really touched me. I think what we are all demonstrating is how there still seems to be a percentage of the population, no matter where you live who do not think before they speak or who do not realise that they are being rude or don’t care – how dare they comment on the colour of your babies, your husbands or anyone else’s skin! Thank goodness they are too young now to have to answer those questions themselves! – I never fail to be shocked and overwhelmed by people’s own stories! Thank you for sharing your story and enjoy your wonderful, beautiful chiLdren.

  22. Adriane says:

    I, too, have 5 kids. We have a 9 year old, 8 year old B/B/G triplets, and then a surprise, who is years old–5 kids in just under 3.5 years. When I was just pregnant with the youngest, we were eating out with the oldest 4. A man approached us, staring the entire while, and said, pointing at my oldest (who is bright enough to have had an idea, even at that age, of what he was saying, “I’ll bet you wouldn’t have had HER if you’d known you were going to have all of these!” Really? Really? Who could unwish a child they already love? I thought about blowing his mind by telling him I was expecting another, but couldn’t trust myself to say it.

    • Sally says:

      Adriane that is shocking! How rude! It’s a big adjustment for the children you already have when you then have multiples – without that!

  23. This post really cracked me up. We have gotten all the same questions and comments but they haven’t bothered me as much because we don’t have older children who understand what is being said. I imagine I would be upset if our children understood the questions. I think most people are well meaning and ask personal questions out of curiosity (not even realizing the IVF question is personal). Once in a while we get the ‘better you than me’ comments (to which I silently agree) but most people have been very nice. Thank you for the funny post. I am curious to see how things go when you are blunt in return.

  24. Katie says:

    Wow, I could have written this. Only, insert “twins” for “triplets,” “2” for “3,” etc. I get the “are they NATURAL” and “you have your hands full!” comments the most!

  25. Cheryl says:

    Beautifully expressed.
    I have twins and triplets and while they are now older (13, 13, 13, 15, 15), I can still remember all those very personal and very rude questions and comments said right in front of my children. The worst was “I would shoot myself in the head if I were you” sad. Thank you for beautifully expressing what we all think.

    • Sally says:

      Cheryl, twins and triplets how lucky x I’m curious to know how they all get on as they get older? x and your right it is just really sad that someone can look at beautiful children and think that!

  26. Annette says:

    I love to hear about people having twin and triplets. Every time we try for a child I always get my hopes up for multiples. My husband doesn’t love the idea, but I think that it would be such a beautiful blessing. I know that it can be very hard, but I know it would be amazing. I am also not adverse to rude comments, I just don’t seem to get them very often though. I do have two boys a year and a half a part with the older one being small and the younger one being big and I often do get asked if they are twins. I wish you well in having lots of children.

  27. Julie Carles says:

    Hi Sally. Lovely blog. You’ve said it all there. I am a mother to identical quadruplet girls and have had a truck load of stupid, insulting and rude comments. Thankfully the girls, now nearly 8 don’t dress the same anymore so people don’t notice so much. I remember all the worst comments. They haunt me! The ones when you’re standing in a queue ” you poor cow” was one. I must admit to giving her a mouthful and she apologised. Cos I’ve been on tele with them people act like they know me and have right to touch the girls! Freaks me out. And the girls are of an age where they answer and of course children are honest and say it how it is. This can be funny! Well written Sally. Enjoy your beautiful family. I, like you feel completely blessed and privileged to be on this journey that very few other mums will experience!

    • Sally says:

      Thank you Julie and how lucky you are having quadruplets! I bet your house is lots of fun with 4 x 8 year old girls! My 8 year old steals all my make up and accessories already.

  28. Jess says:

    While I agree with your post to a point I think you’ve just taken it too far. The capital you is rather aggressive no? Cut people some slack. I think your post could have been a little more controlled and on the right side of bitchy. And you would have still gotten your point across.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Jess, sorry if you found it too much. I don’t feel so aggrieved these days as my triplets are now older and I get stopped less, but a year ago it was constant and whilst I cut 99% of the people slack smiled! made conversation back and answered their questions there was 1% whom made it into this blog x I didn’t mean it to sound bitchy either x I guess it depends how you read it.

  29. Fiona says:

    I have not had triplets but rather two sets of girl boy twins ! I also have had 7 singletons , yes that makes 11, so I can relate to the rude remarks.
    The last set of twins I had at 46, the same age my husbands mother had him and his twin sister. My grandmother had my aunt at 47, I have been pregnant 5 times in my forties! However if I am on my own with them the dreaded ‘ look’ and IVF question arises ! Urgh. I usually reply politely stating they are no’s 10 &11 of my children so that shuts them
    I am constantly asked if they are all by the same husband ( yes we have been married 28 years !!) are they all yours ( no I just kidnapped a few for he sheer he’ll of it) do I have a tv ( why?) and am I unemployed ( no we are both teachers, I run a charity in my free time and am doing a masters degree!!!!).
    We have endlessly been asked if they are identical ( no they are a girl and a boy clearly you missed that biology lesson ?) and ‘double trouble ‘ no actually double the blessing!
    Because they are ! I marvel at how very fortunate I am to have experienced twins twice ! Their interactions with each other are fascinating too watch and I just love being with them.
    My children are well behaved, polite and fantastically caring. We go on road trips around Europe each year and they all do activities as well . Whislt my friends have ‘ empty nest syndrome ‘ my nest is noisy full of life and busy and I love it!

    • Sally says:

      Sounds like you have so much fun Fiona, I think you are incredibly lucky to have such a large family x people normally look dumbstruck when I tell them I have 5 children so can imagine that it’s a great distraction saying 11 x

  30. Eliza says:

    What a beautiful family you have. xxx

  31. Sally says:

    Wow Bridget Quintuplets how amazing x

  32. Bridget Erklin Collins says:

    I have 17+ year old quintuplets and LOVE what you have written. I have gone through it all from “Joe Public” but just when I think the stupid questions have stopped I get a zinger. There were times I hated to leave the house. Thankfully I learned to laugh it off, but I never learned to put it as eloquently as you have. Thank you. Enjoy those babies!

  33. sally says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments and feedback to my blog. I actually wrote this coming up for a year ago following a horrible experience at a party – I came into work on the Monday, started to tell my colleagues what was said and burst into tears – very unlike me! The upset turned to anger and this was the result! So apologise that it is a bit of rant! – Unfortunately – most people I meet are just being nosey – there isn’t a hidden reason – but I am pleased to say that a year on, and with the loss of the buggy we hardly get any comments anymore! And they are more positive – however the IVF one still rears its head! I still find it as personal and intrusive as ever though and have not mastered ‘not answering it’ yet!

  34. Amanda says:

    I have 5year old triplets, identical boys and a girl. We had 6 years of Ivf before having our beautiful family. Those 6 years were an emotional roller coaster, I didn’t tell anyone when we were going through a treatment as I couldn’t cope with vocalising with what we were going through, people’s comments trivialised the huge emotion and ordeal that is Ivf. I think it is something that only people who have been through it can truely understand. Each treatment you couldn’t help but get your hopes up and dream of a positive outcome, then have to deal with the devistation of it not working and having to pick yourself up to try again. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to tell people it hadn’t worked as you do feel like a failure. We succeeded on our 8th attempt, I feel so lucky and blessed with our wonderful family, they are my everything.

    Having spent so long being very private about our Ivf I do feel very uncomfortable with the constant questioning by strangers “are they natural or Ivf?” I feel it’s as if they are saying “how amazing if they were natural, but not so special if they were Ivf” I too struggle with what to say, every time my stomach lurches and I think “here we go again” . Sometimes I say”we had help” or to ” were they natural?” I say “no, c section” instead of getting the hint they often persevere with their questioning! Another one I use is a politician reply of avoiding the question with “they were twins, but one of the eggs split as the boys are identical which is how we got triplets”

    In actual fact we were expecting quads as both eggs split, we lost our little girls twin in pregnancy, I am at least grateful that we didn’t have to go through the trauma of losing her at birth, and comfort myself with the thought that her brothers and sister were given a better chance as a result as they were all born healthy at 35 weeks.

    I genuinely think that people just don’t think when opening their mouths, in many situations. I had my children at 38 and was constantly told”you’d better get a move on, the older you get the more chance of problems ” again, hurtful given what we were going through.

    General rule in life, think before opening your mouth!

  35. Donna says:

    I only have twins and they are three years old, so I haven’t had to deal with them understanding much yet. I am also physically handicapped and therefore lots of people question the conception of my boys.

    Still the silliest one I have ever gotten was “twins? Are they both yours?” Hubby says I should have leaned over and whispered, “yeah, but shhhh, they are not both his”

  36. Alexandria Snider says:

    Your children are adorable! I have 4 boys and people say things to me all the time that they really shouldn’t, like “Are you done now?” Or “We’re you trying for a girl?” Because apparently you can’t just want four kids, you have to be trying to get that girl…BTW, I think it would be awesome to have multiples!! I loved your article!

  37. ann says:

    I loved reading your blog. I don’t have triplets but my brother and sister in law do, and I can relate in a smaller sense. Every time its mentioned in public or where ever that I have triplet niece’s and nephew the 1st question is are they natural or IVF, how am I supposed to respond to that?????
    I love having triplets in our family they are amazing and so cute, triple the love!! My brother and sister in law are the greatest they do such an amazing job with there littke ones all the babies are so love.
    You have a beautiful family and you should be very proud.

  38. tripletmom04 says:

    I have 9 year old triplets and your post is so right. The strangest comment we got after the string of regular poor comments was “Do they all have the same DNA?” That one creeped us out so much we immediately left the store. Who asks that? I had grown women stretch out their bodies refusing us passage in an aisle in order to hold us hostage until other friends and family members could come and see our display of children in their triplet stroller. We learned quicked to keep them strapped in as people tried to pull them out. We kept the hoods over them on their stroller to try to block people’s view which didn’t help much. One elderly woman grabbed my arm one shopping day with my trio in stroller completely teary eyed saying, “I’m SO sorry! I’m SO SO sorry!” as if my children were cancer ridden puppies. It was the one time I nearly cried and raced out of the store. It was tiring to hear the “OMG! I would kill myself!” said with disgust and of course the wonderful “Are you kidding me?” as if I was a horrible woman for not aborting. And don’t forget, “I have 3 close in age myself. It’s JUST LIKE having triplets! I know what you’re going through!” Um, I carried 3 at once who were born 2 months early and was worried about their survival from conception to after birth! Is that the same? Life became easier when the bigger one became much bigger and it looked like I had a twin and an older one. Everyone has seen twins so no big deal after that.

    • Sally says:

      I definitely get less comments when without the triple pram! I had a very old lady who walked with a stick stop me one day when I was all cheerful with my beautiful babies and say the very familiar ‘I wouldn’t want to be you’ – I couldn’t help but say – really? I’m young (ok – youngish) and have 5 beautiful children?

  39. Cait says:

    Fantastic blog! Although I have said “oh I would die” over twins and triplets before I guess I should have explained I meant die of happiness! Three times the blessing. They are dolls.

  40. Dawn Kamp says:

    Loved this article. My identical triplet daughters turned 40 on Dec 23, 2013 (and had a five year old daughter). I did not get the IVF question as that was not an option in 1972, however, I can totally relate to all the rest. Due to my size toward the end of the pregnancy, I also got a lot of questions from strangers, such as “does the doctor know if they are all ok?”
    I remember 1 day at the market with the 4 of them and getting cornered by someone that had so many questions and watching my much deserved ice cream melting, I started taking my older one along with just 1 of the triplets out to shop whenever I had that opportunity. Gaave me one-on-one time with each one by doing this so some good came of it.

  41. Lowri Murray says:

    Sally, you may/may not remember me, but we met once when you bought a pram (ABC) off me… I was always in awe of how you not only managed to carry your babies to 35 weeks, but did it whilst caring for 2 children, then not only returning to work, but setting up your own business! I have had no end of IVF comments, so many that I go so fed up once that I responded by asking the woman whether her husband fired blanks. The look of shock on her face almost made me want tough out loud, but it made her realise how personal her comment had been – you would never ask a stranger (or a friend for that matter) how good their fertility is, so why do you think it’s ok to ask about a perfect strangers?
    I’ve been followed around supermarkets, chased through shopping centres by tourists wanting to take photos, family wanting to take them out just to parade them round their friends to show off. I hate the fact that my children are treated like a freak show. Being a mother of triplets has certainly made me less shy about confronting people when they are rude to me, and I make no apologies for reminding people that they (and me) are real people with real feelings. They are just children at the end of the day, no different to any other child, apart from being lucky enough to have been born with two others.
    The comments I used to get when two of mine had had surgery for hip dysphasia and were both in spica casts was even worse – we’d get looks of sheer horror, and people asking us what we’d done to them! Throw in the odd autistic melt down here and there and we were a right attraction for all sorts of weirdo’s who thought it was okay to comment on my life nod my children 🙁
    Thankfully we did, and still do get lots of positive comments and support as well, mainly from the older generations. And things have got easier as they’ve got older and not so ‘cutesy’

  42. Mandie says:

    As a mom of triplets myself, I understand where the questions come from. People are naturally curious. And more so is the fact that when they ASSUME I had to have done IVF to have them and I have to correct them and explain that no, my triplets, were in fact, conceived naturally. If it wasn’t for the fact that IVF causes so many multiples, I wouldn’t even have to answer the question one way or the other. People would assume they were spontaneous. But now, thanks to modern science and greedy moms and dads, they feel like they have to ask. And you know what?? Triplets aren’t everyone’s dream. It was a horrible two years after they were born! I was in therapy reeling and dealing with the expiration of my social life and my job, any contribution I had to society, to stay home and raise my children as a stay at home mom; never mind the guilt I had for not being able to breast feed, or spend time with my oldest daughter, or for feeling like my children stole my life (what kind of mom thinks that, anyway? We’re not supposed to have feelings that aren’t wonderful, right?!?). Of course, now that they’re 5 years old and starting school it’s wonderful. I have time to myself again, I get some distance from the kids so I don’t feel so overwhelmed by them all the time, and their personalities have blossomed and they’re funny and clever and sweet. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. When they were young I had two breasts and three infants, two arms and three infants, half the income I used to have and three times the expenses. Not to mention that my eldest daughter was only 19 months when our triplets arrived, 6 weeks early. I DID want to kill myself. The thought of triplets DID make me sick to my stomach. At any rate, my point is BE PATIENT, BE KIND. Not everyone is you. Not everyone wanted to have oodles of babies all at once. Some people think going to the dentist is the worst thing in the world but that seems silly, doesn’t it? It does to me. But to them, it IS the worst thing in the world. Everyone is fighting a battle YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT. Maybe that woman who asked you if you did IVF in the post office was having trouble conceiving herself. Maybe the woman who stopped you in line at the store had lost her baby and was wondering why you got five and she has none. So maybe instead of being a vigilante telling off the whole world, you could be a little more patient. As a mom of triplets you’re going to need it, might as well start now.

    PS – Explaining to your children that some people have trouble making babies on their own so the doctor helps them by making the baby for them and then letting it grow in their tummy like any other baby is not going to scar your 4 year old for life. Get over it. I told my kids all about that ages ago when we talked about sexuality and how two moms or two dads can still have a family without making a baby the old fashioned way.

    • Vinita Nair says:

      I agree completely with this post. Yes, people are stupid. People are hurtful. People are unbelievably nosy. But no one has the right to be judgemental about the general public, the majority of whom are kind and caring usually! The nasty minority are probably not going to read this! I see these type of posts from friends on fb all the time and I feel sorry that they are frustrated all the time. The point is, the stupid ones are not going to change. It’s up to us to learn to deal with it, maybe lead by example with kindness and patience. The above comment to your post was very well written and balanced. Thank you. BTW your family is beautiful! Kudos to you!

      • Sally says:

        I agree with you that the majority of the general public are very kind and caring – and I get what you are saying about having to deal with it too. The problem is it gets very hard at times and a blog is one persons opinion and in my case a rant! – I have been asked if my triplets are IVF in business meetings in front of a table full of people, I have been asked on stage when giving a talk. A member of staff at my daughters school told me that her life was always good now as it could never be as bad as mine! – its the unexpected places from the unexpected people that get you down.

        • Vinita Nair says:

          Point well taken-sometimes it all gets to be too much and we all need to vent. People can be so insensitive and rude. Believe me, moms of multiples are not alone in being at the recieving end of such comments and questions! For me personally, my “issue” (actually I’ve got no issue with it at all) is my height. I am 4’10” and the same height I was when I was 14. At the age of 37, married and with 2 kids, I am still called names and asked ridiculous questions. Why people feel the need to comment on my lack of height, something I have no control over, is beyond me! You wouldn’t call a person “fat” to her face, but somehow it’s OK to say “wow, you’re short!”. I am still trying to find a way to deal with these people in a way that doesn’t make me angry, defensive, or worst of all, hurtful to the offender. I try to keep remembering a favorite quote from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I wish you the best with your lovely crew. Hope they all grow up to be confident adults!

  43. Claire says:

    How rude some people can be. I would love to have twins and wouldn’t be too worried with triplets – I want 2 or 3 children so it would just mean that they could all grow up together and one lot of school / friend runs! I can’t believe people ask you about conception, do you ask them back?!? I would – in front of their kids too to see how they like it.

    • tripletmom04 says:

      People who want multiples have no clue. Read up on triplets and then tell me you wouldn’t be too worried with triplets. As soon as a woman is pregnant with triplets she is automatically put into a high risk category and must see specialists. You pray week to week that you will not lose a baby or the entire pregnancy. Then the NICU stay, hoping there’s no brain bleeds and such. It can be very stressful. And the C-section for many triplet moms tend to have some problems, like infection.

  44. What a fantastic blog – I have twins and get similar reactions but not quite as extreme – the comments you made about the IVF particularly struck a chord. This should be posted Everywhere!!

  45. lorna says:

    Hi I enjoyed your blog about your beautiful family and I can relate to what you are saying. Our 3 sons will be forty on the 5th of November this year and our Daughter will be 42 on the 3rd of November. Like you we feel we have been truly blessed. My husband and I were 21 when our boys were born and we thought we were the luckiest parents, I remember after I had an xray at 28 weeks (my doc put me for xray because I had been saying to him it felt like twins, he thought it was a single baby)
    I remember my Mothers neighbours response, “how is she taking it” I was quite disappointed, my husband and I were
    excited and thrilled. I thought the remark was more fitting to someone who was grieving.
    Ignore negative comments and enjoy, the years fly by to quickly. I am enjoying my lovely Grandchildren now 4 girls and 1 boy. Regards to all. x

  46. Kerry says:

    Omg your children are gorgeous. I have 5 children (4 boys and a girl) people are always asking me how I cope….. I tend to answer them in my head with “a lot better than you do with your 2 children” but I’m too polite to say it aloud. Well done and keep up the joyfull work of raising your 5 🙂 x

  47. Rachel says:

    Well said article!
    I myself am currently expecting triplets and I’ve also had the IVF question! Infact I haven’t had IVF but even if I did there’s nothing to be ashamed.
    I also get the response “oh my god how are you going to cope with 3?”
    This is my first pregnancy and its scary for any first time mam the thought of a baby depending upon you, so when people say this it doesn’t make me feel any better!
    Do you have any information you could give me about your experience carrying triplets? I’m 21weeks at the moment and I’ve been told i will roughly get to 33weeks. I’m suffering a lot with tiredness, althought everyone’s pregnancy is different I don’t know anyone who’s carried triplets to learn their experiences.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Rachel, congratulations x I am more than happy to share my experience with you, I carried my babies to my scheduled c section date of 35 weeks and they were all born healthy and well. It is hard, and people all have different ways of coping. There is a FANTASTIC facebook group with over 200 triplet mum members as well as a few pregnant ladies – would you like me to email you the details?

  48. Steph says:

    You can be sure they’re jealous really. Always a shame when women don’t support their peers. Wasn’t it the skunk in Bambi that first said “If you can’t say nuffin nice, don’t say nuffin at all?’ My son is 19 now so it did make a longstanding impression on me. So let’s hear it for the skunk as well. Said from a distance and with a nosepeg on of course…

  49. Samantha says:

    I have twins too and also got comments like this but we definately get more positive comments than negative ones, some people just want to say something/anything to you while having a look at twins – they are pretty special. The most memorable comment I got when the girls were about 2yrs old was from a lady who came up to my husband and I and said ” It does get easier, our twins are now 26″!

    • Joyce E. Peck says:

      I also have twins. I love to talk with other parents of twins. I tell them how it goes so fast and that mine are now 30 years old, and that they have been doubley blessed.
      I used to have people ask me if I took fertility pills, I would ask them if they took stupid pills. That usually shut them up. I cuold not believe that a complete stranger would think they had the right to ask me such a thing.

  50. amy says:

    p.s your kids are beautiful, u r so lucky to have a big family. xxxx

  51. amy says:

    Its funny because I havent even had my twins yet, due in a few weeks but already i have had to deal with so many hurtful comments. My husband and i went through Ivf to have our miracle bubbas and when people look at me and say “oh I feel sick for you” i generally cant believe they could be so stupid.

  52. April says:

    Your post just made me cry!! I suppose we are all guilty at some point in our lives of saying stupid (& hurtful) things, but to think that you have to go through that every day?!! Shocking!
    Not that it makes any difference to your life, but I think wow!!! How amazing! Triplets! They’ll always have a best friend or two 😉 I think it’s incredible and an absolute miracle!!
    I can tell that you are an amazing mummy to 5 very special children …I hope they will always know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful mummy! & I can just hear in your words how lucky you feel to have each and every one of them in your life – very touching.
    Love to you all xx

    • Sally says:

      Wow thank you April and your comments have a made a difference to me, I am grateful to hear them and I always make a point now when I am out of saying thank you to those that say nice things x

  53. Mel says:

    Great blog post – as a mum of twin girls (yes, they were IVF!) I have never been asked that out-right but people do say things like ‘was it a surprise when you found out?’ to which I (being quite an honest person) feel I have to qualify by saying ‘well, no not really as we had IVF’. Some people actually look confused at this point like they don’t know why having IVF makes twins more likely, others go on to say their friend/daughter/relative or they themselves have had or are going through IVF so I’m happy to be open about it as I remember how much heartache we went through to get our two beautiful girls and I want people to know there is hope after infertility. My girls are still under 2 at the moment – maybe I’ll feel more private about it when they are older and understand the questions.

    Well done you – what an amazing super-mum! I thought was doing well with two (and yes mine were sleeping through by 9 weeks and 13 weeks respectively – they are so good ;-))

  54. Teresa Botting says:

    What beautiful children you have – as a Nan to triplet boys I can relate to everything you have just said! Enjoy them, we love ours to pieces and wouldnt have it any other way.

  55. Shaun Heyworth says:

    I am Grandad to Triplet girls,a grandaughter and grandson.They are all a total delight and a joy to be with,when the girls were little I would stop people in their tracks and say “no,actually I am 3 times as lucky as you are with your one baby”.Well done all Mums who have had multiple births.

  56. Katie says:

    Well Said! I have id Boy triplets and some of the questions are hideous! My boys are 9 and hate people stopping and asking ‘are you triplets’ (they are very identical and it is very obvious)/ I always get asked ‘If I gave birth naturally’ as well which annoys me, I don’t ask them how they gave birth to their children! Oh and the IVF question, don’t you just love inconsiderate people? We used to have a double and single pushchair for ease when my husband and I were out together, if we were in a hurry, we would walk on opposite sides of the mall to avoid people realising!

  57. tara says:

    love love love it! fantastic sally xx

  58. Joanne says:

    Well said as a mother of triplet girls 3 in april i get asked the r they ivf or natural nearly every time i go out with them im going 2 start coming back with ur comments well done your kids r beautiful

  59. Amelia Davies says:

    Very well said – good for you ! I’m sure my son and daughter in law can relate to all that you’ve said, being the parents of triplets. I was amazed the first time I went for a walk with them in a shopping area – people were alternatively very curious and then polite or, very , very rude. Seems to me that manners have gone out of the window. You are all to be much admired is all I can say, and all the best for the future.

  60. Natalie says:

    Well said. I’ll hold my hand up and say that when I first met you, I wondered the IVF question, though I think (hope) I had the good sense not to actually ask it as you are quite right, it’s none of my business. I sincerely hope I wasn’t one of the people you referenced in your post as, as both you and other responses have mentioned, your chidden are absolutely lovely and a credit to you. It kind of goes without saying that triplets are more work than a singleton but at least times as rewarding I should imagine.
    As it happens, as a mother of two boys I get equally silly comments. ‘Ah well, maybe next time you’ll get the girl.’ I know someone with three girls who on the birth of her youngest, got the comment ‘Never mind!’. Equally, as one of your other comments mentioned, when my nephew had cancer, we used to get very personal questions directed to us about him in front of him. Comments a child should not have to hear. ‘Do they think there is a cure for him?’ ‘He looks so funny with no hair.’ etc etc.
    Perhaps your post is less a testament to the people who approach you and your brood and more a reflection of manners in society full stop. Perhaps what is needed is for more people like yourself to stand up and say ‘No’ to these people. Or of course there is also my preferred option B:
    ‘Yes, my boy and girls are identical. Remarkable isn’t it? What’s even more remarkable is how they have different birthdays! No, I haven’t slept in years. What’s my secret? Brandy in their bottles.’ Sit back and watch their faces.

    • Mojomums says:

      Natalie not referencing you at all x whilst I remember the odd very rude person, I’m actually not that sensitive x you never asked me btw x

      I totally agree its a problem with society and I can’t believe that we still live in a world where anything out of the norm, wether it be a disability, they way you look etc is still subject to staring and rude comments. Your poor nephew, it’s the adults that make these comments too. I hope he is ok now and recovered x

      Sally x

  61. Sian says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, your children are gorgeous! I can’t believe ‘people’ are so rude and so stupid! We only have twins. I feel so lucky to have them they are amazing! We get very similar comments to you! I especially hate the are they natural – I think I will actually slap at the next person who says how awful or how they couldn’t think of anything worse!
    Having triplets must be even more amazing than twins! I think your very lucky! I’d love triplets!! 🙂 x

  62. Vicky says:

    Well said Sally. I feel exactly the same as a mum of twin boys, when complete strangers and even worse, friends, say things like ooooh Double Trouble – I mean who are they to comment in the first instance and in the second – those people are supposed to be friends and supporters (safe to save they arent anymore)!!
    Seriously though, you have to wonder at the intellect of some people and consider these people are out there mingling with the rest of us. Comments like ‘ are they boys or girls?’ Ermm they are wearing blue coats and a tshirt that says I’m a cute boy -what do you think? Is one a boy? – No I have a girl but I’m thinking of changing her gender so I’ve dressed him in blue; and the list goes on…….The IVF thing is almost a weekly occurance and it really does blow my mind because I find it such a personal thing and embarassing too.Often I just shake my head and walk away – Whose business is it whether I can concieved naturally? Having said that, when talking with other twin mums and mummy friends, it is suprising how open people are about this and what a common theme IVF is in their lives. I guess you never know but the point is that you have a bond and a friendship that enables you to discuss this.
    You have certainly given me food for thought as, whilst people ask me this question and I run away now or ignore them, it has never occured to me about the boys understanding the question as at 18 months old they are too young and they dont have older siblings like your little ones. I really have to consider this as this will be an issue in a couple of years time although hopefully, the ‘scary people’ will be less enquiring as they get older and feel less need to poke their noses in! Thanks for a very thoughtful and honest blog and rest assured it will be shared!!!

  63. Suzy says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have a 6 yr old daughter and 2 yr old triplets (1 boy, 2 girls) and I experience the exact same thing on a daily basis. We live in Asia where blunt questions are the norm but it still staggers me that strangers ask and take it upon themselves to comment on such personal matters. Good luck in telling those people where to shove their questions.

  64. anny says:

    Just also wanted to comment that there is nothing wrong with IVF and in fact it is a blessing to those who are not as lucky to just fall pregnant. I am proud to say that my miracle child was from IVF!

  65. Mim says:

    What a great blog – cant believe people say such personal things to you! You have five beautiful children and what a blessing to have triplets – enjoy them all!!

  66. D says:

    Great blog! I had 4 kids under the age of 3. After many years of trying to conceive with IVF we gave up and miraculously they were all born naturally VERY VERY close together. I have lost count of the amount of people who ask me if they were accidents, IVF, are any adopted etc. Feel very grateful to have them and I just ignore the silly comments from strangers (and some friends!!) You have a gorgeous family x

  67. liz says:

    Wow, amazing article Sally. I’m utterly astonished at some comments people make! What gives anyone the right to ask such personal questions about the conception of your children. I know we are much more of an “open” society today than years ago, but seriously? Plus, what right does anyone have to ask me if I’m going to have any more children (I have a girl and a boy)….surely that’s a decision for myself and my partner, and NO ONE else, unless I wish to openly give it!

    Anyway, a fab read and a real eye opener. Well done you!

  68. Dominique says:

    Well said. My favorite that I got with my twins was what is the age difference between them. And the most stupid one, Are they both boys? (My Daughter had a pink dress on and My Son had a blue top on with jeans). I always want to say the sarcastic response that comes to mind but Because my 3 year old is watching I find I answer the questions politely and walk away. Sometimes I just wish I could Blurt out my long awaited comment to their stupidity. Your kids are so Beautiful xx

  69. donna says:

    your children are beautiful and i wish all of you health and happiness and a lack of stupid people in all your lives x

  70. Nola says:

    Well said Sally a beautiful thought provoking blog. How can so many people not realise how rude it is to ask whether you had IVF – especially in front of the children! IVF or not these special threesome were born out of love and continue, with their two older sisters, to be totally surrounded by it. Take care and enjoy every moment, it goes too quickly.

  71. stacey says:

    So true, and needs to be said, i remember someone saying ” triplets ! Oh that’s a sin” with real pity in her voice, I’ve never looked at her again the same way. It really hurt. Folk don,t realized the journey we go through to deliver these babies safely into the world and the risk involved. We are truly blessed x

  72. Caroline says:

    Well said sal..I think problem is a lot of people are curious you don’t see twins that often yet alone triplets and curiosity takes over….it probably isnt even the fact that they have asked it’s more the manor in which the questions are asked! If asked in a nice none offensive way you would probably not mind so much. These are your children you don’t owe anyone an explanation you have not broken any rules so yes tell them in a polite way to mind their own business! Xxx

  73. Sally says:

    Hi, I also have id ggg triplets and an older girl, I have had people say All of those things to me. I used to be so scared of going out and facing the stares and whispering, people physically stopping my pushchair and asking inappropriate questions and even statements about them! I’ve been told that triplets is easy and have 3 at different ages is far harder! That my children shouldn’t be taking up 3 spaces at school and that it wasn’t fair, just because I couldn’t stop breeding! Ignorance on their part!! The stories could go in and on! Thank you for writing this, it’s good to vent!! X

  74. Carolynne says:

    Love this Sally!! So glad you wrote it! Some people don’t care what they say. Having had some similar experiences; I had, amongst many others, “Urgh TWO BOYS?” and “you poor thing” even when i was pregnant and excited with my identical twins!! I know the pain it causes. Anyway thank god your triplets have you for a mum and not them!

  75. Paola says:

    sooo funny! I get so frustrated sometimes with twins
    some of our favourite questions..
    ‘are they both twins?’
    are they identical? no one brown hair brown eyes, one blonde hair blue eyes. well they look identical to me

    one of my fave replies to are they twins?
    ‘no I left the ugly one at home’
    enjoy your BEAUTIFUL children <3

  76. Nicola says:

    Perfect! I wish I had the nerve to tell these people what for… I’m always so taken aback by their comments that I’m dumbfounded but I plan to think now of a suitable reply… Thank you Sally x

  77. Lynn says:

    Well said Sally!!! I have twins and was constantly asked if they were ‘ natural’??? Or was it IVF?? People are so curious about it. I am lucky enough to have a boy and girl. And yet you still get asked if they are identical??
    I loved reading your blog and agree with you entirely!

  78. Hayley Spink says:

    Ha ha, this is so true! A complete stranger actually asked me recently at a party in front of a room full of adults and kids (after 5 mins of meeting me) how we conceived and how i gave birth and what it was like?! I was sooo stunned i just politely answered and then realised afterwards how i’d never dream of putting someone on the spot like that!! I know some people are just genuinley interested but there is a time and a place!! 🙂

  79. NAtalie says:

    Wow I love this Sally well said xxxx

  80. Angela says:

    Hi Sally , As a mother of 26 year old Triplets I can relate to this. But as you quite rightly said they are one of the most wonderful experiences of your life, so enjoy every moment.Its hard work but worth every minute and I would not change it for the world.

  81. Andrea says:

    Well Said Sally, totally agree x

  82. Sarah says:

    I love this! I will share this as I too am sick of Ms Stoopid and the stupid questions! My favourite question so far has been “Awww! Twins? Are they brother and sister?” I’m still trying to work out how this person gets dressed in the morning! Gorgeous family! x

  83. Love it and can totally relate in a smaller way (or literally bigger). My first baby was 10lbs 15oz and my third was 11lbs 7oz, I can not begin to tell you how many awful comments I got from all kinds of people, M&S staff being the worst calling all the other till ladies over to look at the ‘monster of a newborn!”. Then when my now very slim daughter got cancer, the comments and stares as she was bald with a mask on sometimes, defied belief. Best one was “why is your son (not daughter!) pretending to be a Doctor” Well that lady got a mouthful.
    All I can say is you to learn to block it all out and focus on the people that actually think before they speak and then speak sense. Good luck.

  84. Emma says:

    Loved reading this blog, as a mum of 2 yr old triplets
    I get asked these exact questions & comments all the
    time, & then after such stupidity I wonder why I’m always
    so polite in reply! In all fairness I do also get a lot
    of positive comments now, mainly from the older generation
    who actually think having triplets is wonderful & how lucky
    I am, to this I couldn’t agree more.

  85. Marina says:

    Fantastic Sally…really well said!

    Your children are so well disciplined and well mannered and are a super loving family.

    Certainly a fantastic family unit many would love to be.

    Good for you!!! be proud of everything you have achieved!


  86. Karen says:

    Well said Sally … My favourite one was 3 twins.. How many times did we get that… ?? Some very ignorant people in this world… Xx

  87. Joanna says:

    well said! I agree with you completely – some people are just rude, the sad thing is that many of them do not even realise it! They think you are different because you had 3 at once, they are wrong, it makes you a mum, and being a mum makes you special regardless of how many you gave birth to in one go.

  88. Sophie says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog,I must admit I am one of those curious(nosey) on lookers that asks if they are ivf but will make a mental note not to in future. I really admire you for writing this blog and think your children are gorgeous. Thank you for giving me some food for thought. Lots of luv to your wonderful family
    Sophie xxx

  89. Carolyn says:

    Love it, love it, Love it!

  90. Kimberly says:

    Well said!! Joe public can be so ignorant sometimes X

    • Sally says:

      Yes they can, I know its not always intentional! but ignorant anyway!

    • cecilia says:

      very interesting blog and how wonderful to hear someone rejoicing in her children and appreciating how lucky she is rather than the usual moans of how difficult it all is – as an Ivf mum and a mum who has been through the loss of babies I agree that people DO say VERY STUPID and insensitive things – I always try to think before I speak as you can never assume what peoples situation is – well said

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