They’ll maker a golfer of me yet…!!!

Golf, my hubby loves it and I have to admit I find it quite relaxing to watch on the TV (well, in the background while I flick through a magazine or do some online shopping) but I never thought that I would play, that is until I saw a Facebook ad recently…


Learn to play Golf – Golf is a game for all – whatever your age, background or ability. This six week course is a perfect introduction to golf; you will learn all aspects of the game in a friendly and relaxed environment. You will work towards building the confidence to play a round of golf, putting to use the skills, shots and knowledge that you will learn.


I read the post from We Move, She Moves and carried on scrolling through my newsfeed.


Then I went back.


And I opened the post to find out a little more.


The course was being funded by Herts Sport Partnership and This Girl Can, and was therefore being offered at a heavily subsidised cost. Aimed at women age 16+ the course was to run for six weeks and was on a day when I didn’t have any of my usual after-work activities on, you know, running the children from one activity to another, not actually anything for me…


I took a moment to really think about this.  I don’t have any regular activities that are JUST FOR ME.  Everything revolves around my children, or us as a family, and this could be MY thing, if only for six weeks…


So I applied for a place…


And I have now had two golf lessons! They are going to make a golfer of me!


The twelve women on my course all seem lovely; different ages, from different walks of life but all of whom fancied learning a new hobby and skill.  Some can already hit the ball (so far and in a straight line!), others like myself are novices – crazy golf on holiday and the odd try at the driving range being the limit to my skills.  But everyone is so encouraging and we all agree, a golf course is a really beautiful place to be on a warm summer evening.


I’m already looking forward to my next lesson and unlike any other sports that I have tried in the past, I’m not planning my excuses NOT to go!  My friends know that this is unheard of for me!


So the morale of my story?  If you have the chance to try any of the This Girl Can initiatives in your area, don’t scroll past – take a look, book a place, try a lesson and you never know, this time next year I may see you at a golf competition!!!!

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