Summer food for the whole family

I’m pretty sure that many families are the same as mine; the sun comes out, the barbecue goes on! But how do you ensure that it’s not just burgers and sausages that you are eating all summer round…?


One of my sons (age 7) is a keen and budding chef! Through a mixture of home influences and school lessons, he is aware of what food types are ‘good for you’ and which not so and is always keen to help me prepare and, luckily, try new things…


Cooking with children is so encouraged by health specialists; they learn so much about how food is prepared and hopefully pick up healthy eating habits for their future. So with this in mind, my thoughts return to barbecues. How can we make our outdoor eating healthier?


I took a look through Beko’s Eat Like A Pro recipes. Leading appliance maker Beko have launched Eat Like A Pro, a global initiative to help parents around the world feed their children more healthy food. As Premium partner of FC Barcelona, Beko knows exactly what the top players in the world eat every day in order to perform at their best and by showing children what their heroes eat, they hope we can make healthy food exciting.


My son and I looked through some of their recipes for inspiration and decided that this weekend we are going to try their Baked Salmon, Potato and Courgette on the barbie! We might adapt the recipe slightly (my son is unsure about the courgette) but we think this will make a lovely change from burgers!



We go through so much fruit on a weekly basis, sometimes I can’t keep up but I always make sure that there is something in the fruit bowl or fridge to keep those after-school hunger pangs at bay! Vegetables are a little harder…but summer salads have opened my sons eyes to a few new favourites: radish (who would have thought!), cucumber fingers, crunchy peppers of any colour except green, carrot batons dipped in hommus. Lettuce is still a no-go but I have yet to find a 7 year old who does like it!


So with a rainbow side salad and fruit kebabs made by my son and grilled on the cooling coals (with help from his dad!), we are looking forward to our barbecue this weekend! I will report back next week on the salmon…!




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