Smug Blog Alert…


I am not sure that many of you will be that interested in my blog this week. I know I usually prefer to read about people who are unable to lose weight, try every diet going and still fail to shift those pounds. I, on the other hand, am doing rather well! So I completely understand if you now wish to click on another article or blog, or even reach for the biscuits, because, yes – 3 weeks ago I would have probably done the same thing.


So now you have been pre-warned of the smug tone of this blog, I shall continue. I am indeed pleased to be in this situation and am happy to announce that I have lost half a stone! Not that this is particularly noticeable – the only difference in that when I take off my trousers, I am no longer left with an imprint of a button and zip on my stomach. I can do up my jeans without having to tuck in the extra roll, and am not constantly flapping and stretching out my top so that it baggies over my tummy. My 3rd and 4th boob has stopped emerging from the edge of my bra, I don’t have to constantly hold my breath to fit into my favourite dress and I can almost detach myself from the security of the long black cardigan. I can wear my puffer without worrying that I will be mistaken for the Michelin Man, one of my chins is disappearing and my rings can actually move around a little on my fingers.


In all honesty I am a woman on a mission and I have not let anything stand in my way. I am riding out this wave of discipline and will eek it out for as long as I can.


It’s all worth it, even the awful side effects of the diet sweets and unlimited shrubberies and vegetation I am consuming. Even the wallowing around the house while the children tuck into their ice cream. Even the envy I feel as Claire in the office tucks into her twirl. It’s amazing actually how you learn to appreciate and devour the most basic of foods. I find myself looking forward to some steamed brocolli and piece of steamed fish!


I just hope that I don’t look back at this blog in a few months, and be one of those people who clicks away straight away…..


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