School sucks – even more so now I’m a mum!!

I hated school. I’m glad to say so far my kids seem to love it.  I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 14years old, so it was a continual struggle.


There weren’t the resources there are today.  My eldest child has always struggled with learning, he is considered a slow learner but too young to get tested for dyslexia.  He could have done with not starting school till he was 6! My 4.5year old has always shown signs of being quite bright, and now he has started school I had quite high expectations for him and his learning skills! Unfortunately he also struggles and he is only in reception.  It doesn’t give me much hope!


But there are SO many resources available to parents nowadays.  My youngest is struggling at his first hurdle – letters and sounds. But thanks to an app called “pintrest” I have found so many creative ways to help my kids learn.


Some creative mum came up with a great idea which I can use with not only “sight words” – words one just needs to recognise, but even before that for me, for his letters.  I have added the website address so that you can see how she does this clever idea.


The other one that has helped me and will hopefully help my eldest son is how to learn the 6,7,8, and 9times table.  Using just your hands and a bit of mental arithmetic! I won’t explain it here just click on the link….. You can thank me later!!


Tell me how you get on!

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