New Beginnings

I blogged a few weeks back about moving offices…well a lot has happened since then including another office move! It’s a very long story, but I am pleased to report that we moved without any problems and we are in a better place for this business. This came about as I was put into a situation that led to me buying the 50 shares of the Zebra Group (my first business), which resulted today in me becoming the 100% Shareholder and sole director of the business. I have devoted the last 7 years of my life to this business and have run it like I wholly owned it, bearing all of the sleepless nights that come with a start up and the worries of a growing business!


I wholly own Mojomums, something I was very conscious of when going into it and I can safely say that should there be any future businesses that I decide to start (rather than invest in) that I will be the major shareholder to avoid entering into this situation again.


So, today is like a new chapter in my life, in theory nothing needs to change as I have run the business making all operational decisions since formation, I have the same staff as I did yesterday and the same clients, but knowing now that I own 100% of it and I can say that it is mine is very satisfying! I also have a fabulous team of people some of whom have been with me from the start and have been very supportive over the last few hard weeks. I look forward to working as a team with all of my staff and getting on with running the business without distraction.


The last few weeks have taught me a lot, including the following:


  • You can decide to move offices on a Wednesday and be moved in on the Saturday
  • If you’re honest and treat your employees with respect they won’t moan about being told they are having to move offices twice in ten days and have to repack the boxes they have just unpacked
  • That being in debt is OK for the right reasons
  • That a Lindt chocolate bear can soften the disappointment that mummy is working the weekend again (to move said offices)
  • And that there really are bigger things to worry about than all of the above!


I don’t think that there are many people that can feel sorry for themselves at the moment with the tragic going ons in America that I can’t even bring myself to mention. I have managed not to watch a single news bulletin and I have been skimming so quickly through facebook to avoid the updates and photos as I just cannot comprehend what’s happened. My 7 year old daughter has heard about it from friends at school, and she is beside herself with worry. Luckily she is young enough to believe what we tell her and we have managed to persuade her that these things just don’t happen in England, but they just shouldn’t be happening anywhere!
So, a busy week and very exciting time ahead. I have a day off with my babies tomorrow and then back at work until Friday and then its Christmas for me! I can’t wait!!

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