Mystery Bulbs – my garden mission!

Earlier this year, Mojomums were approached to see if we would like to receive seventy ‘mystery bulbs’ to plant in our gardens, courtesy of Spalding Bulb to celebrate their 70th anniversary – I’m always up for a new gardening challenge so agreed with gusto…!!!


A few weeks later I received the mystery bulbs, off to the garden centre we went to buy soil and pots…


My garden is mature and every spring we delight in the beautiful flowers that appear, as if by magic, and my now four year old sons love to be told the names of the flowers and watch them grow.  However, these were not plants that we planted or chose but those that we inherited when we brought our house – green-fingered magicians must have lived here before as our garden literally erupts in a bloom of colour, that just keeps coming and coming over the spring and summer months, with little or no help from us…


…so planting bulbs is a new experience that my children haven’t enjoyed until now!  Needless to say, the lawn was quickly covered in soil, shouts of ‘Stop! Put it in the pot!’ were to be heard from miles afar, and questions of which way up to plant the bulb were argued questioned with the husband!  Who said gardening was therapeutic?!?!


The boys loved getting involved (and getting extremely dirty!) and have taken to watering the pots daily by using their water pistols!  Well, it’s certainly a way of getting them to look after their bulbs!


As yet, we have had no growth – is it normal that I’m actually concerned about this?!  I have no claims to being gifted or green-fingered in the gardening department, but I do hate when something I try doesn’t work out, and surely planting something as simple as bulbs should be easy?  Maybe not…


Anyway, we will continue to feed and water our pots and hope that very soon they will being to grow into something beautiful, that we can be proud that we grew ourselves…I’ll keep you posted!


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